Daniel Garcia's One Hand Vanish

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  1. Hey,

    first let me say I am new here and like what I see. I've been doing magic for a while and this site is quite promising. i have been thinking for a while how great it would be for a website to have a true training center with the best in the biz. Imagine my suprise when I finally found it! I am looking very forward to distortion which i will by buying the second it comes out (ha) with Panic.

    Anyway, to my question. There is a vanish that is used in the Daniel Garcia Project (forget which volume) during the performance of "bad habit". Its a really nice one hand vanish that just looks great. Daniel mentions its existence in his BluePrints Notes while teaching an effect and says it can be found in an issue of magic magazine. i was wondering if anyone knew whether this was going to be on any of the new DGP volumes or where I may get my hands on that issue. I love Daniel's work and would love to see this vanish. I forgot to ask daniel about it when I met him... been kicking myself ever since! haha

  2. if im not mistaken its pretty much him putting it in fitch grip which is often used a lot by Shoot Ogawa and Apollo Robins. so it can be found on their dvd Cultural Xchange vol.1 as well as other places.

    oh and FYI .. Bad Habit is in Volume 2 of the DGP.
  3. yes you are right man :p
  4. It's actually called JW grip (Jimmy Wilson)... "Fitch grip" and "Fitch palm" are mis-nomers, because the move was wrongly credited to Bob Fitch.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Is that taught in a resource like Bobo's?

  6. ^nope, far as I know anyhow.
  7. Actually the vanish is a move that i left off of the DGP simply because i wasn't ready to let it go. The coin does NOT go into Fitch a.k.a. "JW" grip also known as the duck beak palm.. lol.. ALL the fingers can be FULLY seen at all times. The vanish can be a complete vanish, a standard vanish and re-appearance. .. or used for a coin change.

    i have used "The O.K. Vanish" and adaptations for quite sometime and might just be letting it go really soon.

    hope you guys like it.

  8. ah... thanx for the clarification there Daniel.
  9. Thanks Daniel,

    Is that the vanish that was in Magic Magazine... or am I more confused then I thought... hahahah


  10. no man... it is a different vanish. The other vanish is known as the Impromptu Raven 2.

  11. thanks for clearing that up!
    Cool to see ya here.

  12. Thanks again Daniel, I have the notes in my room (Signed by you with the words "I hate You" hahaha)... why didn't just go look at them I have no idea.. hahaha

    Thanks again,
  13. Hey Danny, i heard this on the magiccafe, but is your OK production/vanish the same as eric jone's imagination grip?

  14. i actually just met Eric for the first time earlier this year and we briefly discussed this vanish. We are POSITIVE that we developed the "grip" separately. i filmed the DGP in 2002 where the vanish was displayed... but i created the grip back in 1994 and used it in restaurants gigs from then on. If i remember correctly, i believe that Eric even admitted that although he created his grip independently... he created it after i did. Eric is great guy, so i'll get in touch with him and see if he will come by and shed some light on the subject.

  15. Hmmmmm. I guess great minds think alike.

  16. haha, thats an understatement... hahah

    Eric is a great guy, I met him back in June... WOW... his moves are just... WOW...

  17. you filmed the DGP that long ago? what delayed it reaching stores for so long (as far as magic dvd's go it seems a long time for post production)? just curious.
  18. The buck twins were the ones that were doing the editing... and back then they did not do editing or performing full time... they both had school and jobs that needed to be fulfilled. Post production sometimes takes a while depending on who is doing it and what is already on their plate

  19. I dare say the DGP's were well worth the wait :D hahaha

    The rumors of more DGP's still infest my dreams at night... but its all hersay until further notice... hahaha

    Daniel, did you meet Eric at Twin City? Just wondering because thats where I met the both of you... best day of my life.. haha

    Is there a way to get my hands on the issue of Magic! with the Impromtu Raven 2 in it?

  20. danny- Have you ever put up a video of you doing this effect? i know it's published on your notes, but it would just be an excuse for us coin guys to see some of your coin work.


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