Daniel Madison and Mathieu Bich on P&T's Fool Us

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  1. Bich's performance was great. No idea how he did it. But it was flawless. The kicker (The Box.) was great too. Loveed the whole thing.

    What astounded me was Daniel's performance- Exactly- How? Is this some gem that i missed in Experts at the card table? What did he do? i didnt even see anything. (and im pretty sure he couldnt either.)


  2. where can i go to see the performance??
  3. Im not sure- Both performances went on air tonight (In the UK.) , so it'll probably be on Youtube in a couple of days.
  4. You can see the performance on ITV player but im not sure if you have to be in the UK. Mathieu and Daniel's performances were both amazing. I figured out Daniel's but no idea how Mathieu did his. Overall great show :)
  5. I've seen a lot of comments on facebook etc about how impossible Daniels performance was. I don't feel smug or anything, but to me, what he did, from a magicians/card technicians point of view was fairly straightforward, using two standard moves. And yes, the blindfold was real. Anyone who knows even a bit of Daniels stuff and the kind of moves he uses should have known what he did and its no surprise Penn & Teller weren't fooled. Still a a great performance though, nice to see Daniel finally getting some exposure.

    Mathieu Bich however, no idea how that worked and loved the red herring put their just for Penn & Teller.

    In fact, everyone on the show tonight was great. Has been a great series so far.

  6. You mind a cheeky Pm? Cant figure it out.
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    LoL, i'm watching this right now ... first time watching this show which is kinda odd that i didn't know about this before. Penn and Teller are basically magicians trying to debunk other magicians, but god, M. Bich owned them so baaaaad. Penn and Teller thought they were onto something .... Bich was onto them.
  8. Mathieu Bich's performance:

  9. Hey thanks for the post of Mathieu Bich does any1 have a youtube link for daniel madisons performance? thanks!
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    Daniel Madison on facebook commented : "After tonight's performance, I'll be releasing a full explanation ( video and book ) of the method. Stay tuned for more details." and "The P&T explanation will be free"

    I know who's gonna buy that .... lol
  11. Check out the Daniel Madison one here
  12. [video=vimeo;25615789]http://vimeo.com/25615789[/video]
  13. Thanks for the link Daniel- Thanks in advance for the Tutorial for the effect too.

  14. Daniel Madison's performance was very good. Pretty straight forward with what he did, but he did it so well. Owners of the Dangerous DVD that T11 put out that are still scared of the bold move frequently used in Madison's work saw him put his name on his words with this performance by doing the move on television, in front of P&T, while he was legitimately blindfolded. As P&T said, the second move used in the routine was also flawless. Good stuff. Wish we got the show over here.
  15. THat was one of the most amazing card effects i've seen and easily the best I've seen from you. Truly astonoshing.
  16. @Daniel Madison

    The simplicity of that effect is very very strong. A very good example of how presentation can elevate a couple of (extremely hard to master) moves to an amazing performance of seemingly impossible odds.

    (without revealing the method) I was wondering if when practicing the routine if you experimented with 'shuffling' the deck before the deal (enabling you to do the latter half of the trick in a different way) Or do you feel it would cheapen the effect to handle the cards in any way. I hope that question makes sense, as I don't want to reveal anything.

    Feel free to pm me an answer if you like.

  17. I loved both performances, but i'm very surprised that Daniels effect has fooled magicians- as has been said, pretty standard in terms of what he did, but executed perfectly.
  18. I think it was unfair of ITV to zoom in on Daniels hands as Penn handed the deck back, made one half of it extremely obvious. When I saw that I was let down but also impressed at him for having the guts to do such a ballsy thing.

    Mathieu was great though.

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