Daniel Madison Clone

Mar 16, 2008
I just noticed that too! Come on man, if d+M's identity gives you a buzz, don't completely copy him. See, no one wants to see a copy, coz they can just see the real thing...
May 16, 2008
He doesn't look old enough to have a real tattoo so I'm going to guess It's drawn on. At least I hope it is...d+M has a life full of history with cards and they even landed him in the hospital (which I'm sure you know being as you are a clone as you put it), he has a reason to have a card tattooed on his arm, what's yours?



to reply to all.

First off the i would like to say that vid was a dare from one of my freinds ergo the card on my arm.Yes im a fan of his but i was going to do the vid different. I had done one entitled LETHAl but i replaced it with el libre. NO its not a spoof. I know that IMAGE thing haunts me but listen I know my freinds and I made a mistake but we have really are sorry for it. We will never try anything like it again ok. But thanks for keeping it honest.

Sep 3, 2007
The flourishing and everything was great, but to be honest, you should really work on developing your own style, and trying your best not to copy other magicians... especially in such a not so blatant way. Once again, flourishing- great, copying Daniel Madison- not so great.


vp of development
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Aug 5, 2007
Am i the only one who sees this as a spoof?

I loved it as a spoof.
I have to say, I did as well. Especially with a subject line like: "Daniel Madison Clone"

Anyway, it's apparent he was having fun with it and I think that's awesome. Great flourishing. If you haven't already, be sure to check out his (SuicideBoy555) video Pass Time in the media section. Short and sweet.

Love your style-- even if it is d+M-ified. ;)
Sep 1, 2007
he has a reason to have a card tattooed on his arm, what's yours?
Lol, you don't need a reason to have a tattoo, my friend has stars on her stomach and despite it's russian criminology meaning, she has it because it looks good, as do most people with a tribal design or most tattoos usually. Plus it says in his profile he's 16 which out here in the UK at least, is the legal age for tattoos.
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