Daniel Madison New deck release!!!! Yay..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chiragqatar, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Video link -
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  2. Also dont miss
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  3. I always quite liked Madison, but sometimes thought he took himself way to seriously.

    But now.... I love this guy...

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  4. By saying way too serious Do u mean the black backgrounds and,“I am Daniel Madison and this is Madison rounders”.....
  5. I love how Madison puts off a serious and gloomy vibe 99% of the time but that 1% when he does something stupid for stupids sake makes me love him even more.

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  6. Now I must wait for David Blaine to do something goofy.
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  7. I wish Madison would make another deck or two with Theory11. I know he has a LOT of cards with Ellusionist, I have most of them, but whenever I buy from Ellusionist..the deck box and/or cards are usually messed up...Pretty bad. But Theory11's shipping is much better, also I collect the seal stickers..Ellusionist doesn't really have those on their decks..but Theory11 has it on almost all of them. Not to mention the easy pee' plastic wrap!

    I never got a chance to get the Madison Players.. Anyone know where I could them?
  8. I had my eye on a pack of Madison Players and I was looking at the packs in the Archive but at 7.5k points they were quite highly priced. It was Brett Hurley who suggested I instead pick up a pack on ebay - which is exactly what I did.
  9. eBay, also known as Elite Point to money converter.
  10. Hmm... interesting. Raises the question of "if you could buy elite points, how much would you pay?".
  11. How i wish it was the Crooks or the Bees.
  12. What are elite points for?? I have no idea..
  13. As far as I know Madison is done making new decks. Of course, that could change at any time.
  14. I love Blank Decks! I'd love to make these an addition to my arsenal, but I plow through blank gaffs too quickly. I bought 10 blank decks last year and now I'm down to 3.

    As much as I'd like to get a blank deck variant, they wouldn't survive in my hands for too long. But they aren't much more expensive than Bike blanks. I'll have to place them on consideration
  15. Where would one get double-sided blank cards?
  16. I got them at Penguinmagic last May
  17. What's the card stock like? Also, do you get a FULL deck of blanks? 52? 54?
  18. Card stock feels the same as a standard Bicycle deck. And you get 56 blanks. It's like any deck where you get your standard 52, 2 jokers, and 2 ad cards--just all blank
  19. Here the problem, though. I prefer Bee's. HOWEVER, I cannot for the life of me find any blank Bee decks. Have you?
  20. I actually don't have any Bee decks. At the time, I didn't know the difference in card stock because I had only been into magic for less than a year. The only deck I had at the time was a box of Mystery Box from T11 from a contest and trying to figure the difference for me was difficult, being a rookie and all and not knowing what to look for. I just know that regular Bicycle decks get run through faster,

    At the time, I was just looking for double blank gaffs and Bicycle was the first thing that kept popping up in my searches. 5 months ago, I used 5 of them for a cardistry project that didn't pan out too well.

    But to readdress your question, I have not heard of any Bee gaff cards.

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