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  1. what is your take on the sleight club? Is it worth the $212 membership cost? You do get the exclusive membership deck of his?
  2. Daniel Madison is so overrated it's ridiculous. Now that he's left Ellusionist, I expect his popularity to dwindle down over time.
  3. The complete five volume set of Card College is $185. That is all you need to know to make a decision. That leaves $27 to buy any deck you want.
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  4. I doubt that will be a significant factor, honestly. He's reached what they call "1000 true fans" by now, and he's good at maintaining that.
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  5. What actually is it? It looks like some sort of private forums with Madison that you have to pay to get in to?
  6. I have no idea what the membership actually gets you? Realityone said that it's gets you 5 volumes of something ... and the website says "to be revealed" so I'm not sure if it's just hype or not .
  7. To be clear... I was saying your money was better spent on buying Roberto Giobbi's Card College series and a couple of decks of cards than subscribing to Madison's sleight club. Go for substance over hype.
  8. Ah okay. Thanks
  9. i think he mentioned if you buy into the sleight club he will be sending stuff out to only members? He might teaching stuff but at $212 I really don't think its worth it. so many better uses of your money.
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  10. Yeah it's super expensive . His new deck that just dropped. Was 13 British pounds Which is $18 and change USD per deck plus Shipping almost $24 usd per deck (if you include shipping) ... I'm mainly a card collector so I don't have a use for tutorials or anything like that so the memebership unless it gets me free shipping and a deep discount on decks ... the membership isn't worth it to me
  11. I wish I could "like" this a thousand times. :)
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  12. WOAH!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!? Madison left Ellusionist? He's created A ripoff of magic stream? And its not even good? This raises more question than it answers!!!!!!!!

    How have I heard about none of this. Man I am getting behind on magic news, who ever writes the Wand Street journal should be fired!

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  13. For real though

    and lol. Whatever happened to that anyways? I kinda just assumed that when school came around, you stopped, which is 100% acceptable lol
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  14. Basically.
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  15. Yes, Madison left Ellusionist. He is pursuing a new artistic project, for which I have no details. I assume this Madisonist/Sleight Club thing is part of it.

    It was perfectly amicable, same as Ramsay and McKinnon. We're still releasing a couple new decks by him relatively soon and we'll still be selling his older designs. He put up a video about it like a week ago I think?
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  16. $200+ for a membership is pretty insane. If I were going to be paying that much for any exclusive club, it’d be The Magic Circle.

    At least then, you have their entire library at your fingertips.

    Don’t get me wrong. Good in Madison for branching out. But as it’s been stated earlier: want to get good at card sleights, there’s a volume of books for a bit cheaper than the membership
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  17. So I pulled the trigger on this one as I was curious and wanted to purchase a few of the included products and it came out about equal to joining. So open wallet, placed preorder.

    Listed Perks:
    -Access to Sleight Club decks. They’re pretty par for the course for a Madison deck from the images.

    -Direct contact with Daniel Madison via email and phone with an included contact card. If he is actively responsive, that could be useful.

    -Access to private Skype mentorship. 2 hour sessions, once a week per student as long as needed. On a first come first serve basis, and I would wager an additional cost but unknown yet. If no charge, this could be a perk that is worth the money. Having done coaching over Skype for things like singing, it’s easy to go $100+ a week for a decent teacher. Having a solid ...gambler? (He’s not a magician as is prefaced in every black and white video.) grill your hands and teach you subtle nuances is definitely useful.

    -Time with Madison. At least once a month during his traveling I guess he’ll toss up a Madison signal for hang outs, shoots, lectures, or just grabbing food and drinks. I’m likely unaffected by this as I doubt he’ll be dropping by the Dallas metroplex.

    -Exclusive products and decks + priority advanced access. TBD? I imagine the decks will retain or grow in value at least. Not the worst if you’re a collector or love DM cards. Can’t speak for the other products and books that are exclusive. As for advance access It’s like a first pass for effects/books/decks as well. You’ll get the scoop awhile before it’s released publically.

    -Free digital products. If there was one thing, this would be it. Free copies of Devilry, How to Cheat at Cards, ExM EotCT, and Deviations. That alone is more than the membership cost when purchased individually and you get pretty much the complete works of Madison nearly quite literally.

    -Unknown physical product discounts and “surprises”. TBD.

    So I’ll admit I’m definitely curious as to what the future brings. How useful are the resources provided, so on and so forth. I know a copy of Devilry will have me busy for awhile to say the least (£150 physical, £40 digital).
  18. Everything in Card College is a classic as well. You could create a career on the contents of those books.
  19. Now that the contents of the sleight club have been, for the most part, revealed, I would say comparing card college to it would be like apples and oranges. I do agree if you are starting fresh and want to get at it with that much to spend in card magic, card college is the way to go.

    If by chance you want to support Daniel Madison's new ideas and gain access to exclusive swag and potential mentorship it isn't that outrageous (particularly the access to any new digital uploads and most of his backlog for the membership cost). Ultimately comes down to the person I suppose. One is a platform to learn, the other is half paying for "exclusivity" of a club and what that comes with and more advanced/random resources (Angle Zero and Burn in Devilry come to mind).
  20. just got it
    i got the sleight club deck a signed card and a signed black madisonist deck

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