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  1. I was considering buying BOUND by Daniel Madison but i noticed the download is "PDF". I was just wondering what a "PDF" download was so if anyone knows that'd be helpful.

    Much appreciated,
  2. It is basicly like a book for the computer.
  3. Portable Document Format.

    Readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    If you're running Vista...

    Wait, if you're running Vista, you know how to fix your own problems. Never mind.
  4. Oh ok

    Can the effect still be learned as easily if it were taught on a DVD?
  5. ya. if you can read.
  6. I know this is a bit off subject but if I were to get WRATH instead, does it require setup? (and does BOUND require setup?)

    Again sorry for the off subject question and thanks for the heads up on PDF

  7. Bound uses a gimmick so i think the only set up is having the gimmick and it says on wrath it only takes a few minutes to apply it to a deck
    i personally dont own them im just looking at the his site
  8. the gimmick takes less than 5 minutes to make, it is explained well in the PDF so it's very easy to learn... umm the other questions... you should have about 90% of the objects around your house... the only thing you should have trouble with is a... well pm me so i can give you an idea around the rest of 100%. easy to perform, i thought i could perform it within about... 20 mins after reading it and applying everything, but i still haven't. man, i need to get out there.

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