Daniel Madison: The Hunger

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  1. Have any of you all heard of dm's latest update? He is going to starve himself to test his mind and control. I haven't seen hardly any info about this anywhere. Not even any forums on here. But the only reason i found out about this was because i saw it on dm's facebook page. Here is what he has to say about it.

    The Madison Show is in the making and has been for a while. Having taken a sidestep from magic I have found a calling that will fulfill my first venture into challenging my mind. The Hunger, isn’t something I wanted to make a show of but the Madison show must begin somewhere, and in stead of enduring The Hunger in solitude, I have decided to document my actions and share the outcome with you.

    Starting on Friday the 3rd of October 2008, I will begin an experiment in control and endurance through which I will commence a starvation diet that has become known to me as the ‘Bale’ diet. I am unable to inform you of the exact diet as an act so severe cannot be advertised or glamorized. I will carry the starvation for 4 months ending on 3rd February 2009 under supervision from my wife - a qualified Staff Nurse, and frequent heath checks at my local doctors.

    I am not doing this for weight loss; this is a challenge of the mind and nothing more. Serious weight loss is inevitable and if advised by the doctor at any point I will stop the challenge. Throughout this challenge I will keep focus on the effects such diets have on the mind when the body is affected in such a way; something most weight-loss associated sources fail to touch or educate on.

    I have one force of motivation; having survived a long run of insomnia I suffered delusions and nightmares that one day soon I will lose my mind; this induced my fascination with the human mind beyond any thought I have ever had. I once trained my memory to a near-photographic level, I have beat addictions, illnesses and endured fetes that I will not speak of with nothing more than mind control and it’s become my obsession to find out the limits of my mind before it is too late.

    There are many things for me to discuss through this challenge, including anorexia, depression, starvation, madness and endurance amongst many others subjects, and although I could express my thoughts on these things now before I begin, I will save them to fill the pages of the daily diary that I will be keeping throughout (which will be made available at the end of the fete.) I will also be documenting the entire event on film so that the effects can be seen throughout. The film will be made available at the end.

    I am not glamorizing anything I am doing, condoning or promoting any part of it, this isn’t about weight loss; it is a challenge and experiment of the limits and affects of the mind…

    I want to know how far my mind will go. So I’m going to find out.

    Good Luck Daniel! We're all rooting for you.
  2. This all sounds pretty interesting. For a while I wasn't interested, and I still am not exactly excited because he's pretty much in a nutshell saying "I'm doing something with my mind, but I can't tell you what yet." It does seem interesting and I look forward to seeing what he has done.

    Good luck DM with whatever it is your doing!

  3. Wow, thanks for letting us know, after all, Daniel Madison is a great magician and flourisher. Daniel....we're all going to support you, man!
  4. Personally, I don't like this. I personally feel that we should be grateful to live in a society where we have food to eat and there are people out there that are starving and we shouldn't take what we have for granted.

    I like D+M and am a big fan, but I don't think this is a good idea.
  5. For centuries, people have undergone fasting for religious and spiritual reasons. During Ramadan (forgive my spelling) Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. It is spiritual, mental, religious, whatever term you would prefer. Please respect that there are many paths to the Truth, and this is the way Daniel has chosen. (this isn't addressed towards you, Rmana, but to everyone. Your post is very well spoken)
  6. May the Luck be with you Daniel.
  7. Hi Rmana....
    We have to be realistic and should Overcome our dis qualities ....
    Mr.Daniel Madison done a great job for us... So if you can't support Daniel Madison then there is no need to dis courage him....
  8. May the Force be with you...
  9. the "christian bale" diet from the machinist is very dangerous
  10. You do realize that this discussion was started in 2008? October 2008?
  11. you're smarter than me !
    i didn't notice that
  12. Well, in all honesty, I don't think I'm smarther than you. I would say that I'm more perceptive. And, I can't really base that on only one thing that you miss. Trust me, I can be stupid and miss something obvious. But I assume that is a way to tell me "Oups" :) By the way, where near Paris do you live? I live in Quebec city, I know it's not really close ;) but I know people living in France.
  13. in the suburb of Paris, the name is Colombes

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