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  1. I saw there is a link for III now, it says comming soon, Has anyone ever seen the video for TK? is this a trick ypu can actually do on the street,?

    If so, Will he ever be releasing this?
  2. on the street? is that the only place you'd want to perform it?
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  4. If you look through the window you can see a bottle on the table move across and eventually fall off the tabletop.
  5. lol well no, id want to preform that ANYWHERE. but does anyone know if hes going to release it??
  6. He says he has three guarded secrets, one is Change and one is Devils Touch. Maybe this is his third?
  7. Telekinesis is just an illusion. Its not real, if you may say. Daniel Madison is a nice guy:)

    '' Foolishly, most men join the ranks cluelessly
    Buffoonishly accept the deception, believe the perception
    Reflection rarely seen across the surface of the lookin glass
    Walkin the street, wonderin who they be lookin past ''
    -- Mos Def, Thieves in the night, Blackstar, 1998.
  8. if it ever is released, i think id do it every chance i get
  9. Haha, same here. I'd be like "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" every five minutes.

    But I really can't see how this doesn't use a "helper."
  10. lol xD, without a magnet, it'd be real magic :p

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