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Daniel Madison

Oct 12, 2009
Daniel Madison is amazing!!! if wanted to get that off my mind for aaagggeeess! hes a really great teacher and showman, underground magician etc. i would really like to see his 'the deception' which i think is unreleased, love how he keeps up his image with the whole black,white and grey clothes. I have a lot of his work ;):D watch my dangerous vol 1 all the time, i really like his i think its called 'artist manifesto' in the vids section.

this guy shud seriously start a tv show or sumin:D MADNESS :)
Sep 1, 2007
He is a great showman, but he uses too many gimmicks for my taste. I'd rather be able to end a game of Poker then be like... Hey guys watch this....

His effects are unbelievable though

Apr 27, 2008
Gus and his responces that are pure win.

I've tried to compete, but turned out obsolete <-- A rhyme is my last dwindeling hope! :eek:

All the best,

Thank you. I work hard on those.


But that rhyme wasn't bad! It helps if you try to say it out like Carlton from Bel Air.

aahhh Carlton.


Oct 12, 2009
i was reading some of derrens brown book, forget wat its called now but he was talking about how gimmicks dont change the audiences point of view and they still experience the trick, mayb even better with a gimmick or somethin like that, dont quote me. hope d+M does some more confessions of an artist, they were priceless. i guess its best 2 leave or take a creative leap of abcense or whatever while your on top:) because once your on top theres really only one place u can go lol. he can prob stand on his wallet and kis the sky anyway lol:D:) seriously though dan1els magic and music is so good it should be illegal:D LEGEND.

actually after reading his blog it seems that he will be pusuing his performane career rather than creation of efects. cant wait 2 c where hees headed!!! if he ever does a live show of somesort im booked!

didnt realise i posted this thread in the reviews section!
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May 9, 2008
D+M, that was priceless! It's nice to see you back on the forums. I just watched through Mystique DVD again last night, decided to sit down and try to polish some stuff. Your effects are gold! I'm practicing Breach using a glass chessboard, stacked up on decks like you have in the teaching.
Dec 16, 2008
I like D+M style (he makes me love the gambler cop :cool:)but bull****, I want to see something not black and white lol
How can one be considered "underground" when they regularly sell their ideas to magicians in the open marketplace?

Brad Henderson

It's been discussed and debated a few times, but in short-- the term "underground" seems to have lost its meaning in recent years when the industry started throwing it around to advertise newcomers and commercial products. Some found it unfortunate, because there was a siginificant degree of respect for those who were originally associated with the term. I suppose the respect is still there-- but the "face" of underground (as younger magicians know it) apparently misrepresents who the respect is actually for.

People like Steve Draun, Doug McKenzie, Troy Hooser, Jacob McDillan, Don Wayne, and others-- in my opinion-- actually rate the title of being underground magicians because their image is rarely seen in the magic industry, but their work is reputable throughout various magic communities. These individuals' material is top-notch and often gossiped about in various circles. Although some of them have made some commercial releases, the majority of their performing repertoires and creative contributions remain closely guarded.

With that said, it's also very possible for underground magicians' intent to change and decide to release their material to the open marketplace for the recognition of their contributions. Magicians like Justin Miller, Robert Smith, Dan White, and Dan Hauss have performed magic for years prior to their recent releases to the magic community. Prior to their commercial releases, however, not many people knew who they were or what potential they had to share.

All things considered, 'underground' (in my opinion) is just another silly adjective that bored (often pompous) magicians use to segregate themselves from one another. I have tremendous respect for those who achieved greatness in magic, however-- I really see no need in supporting a mythical hierarchy with buzzwords and excessive vocabulary. Eric Mead discussed that magic is very much a meritocracy where a person's work is worth more than a person's status. I like that line of thinking and agree with it whole-heartedly.

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