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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dark Witness, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Instead of putting the card in your pocket you put it on a table face-down in front of them.
  2. Would not work.

  3. I got the impression that he was trying to say he'd made it work. Of course I could be wrong...
  4. You should post a video of your amazing new contribution to 'Lapse'.
  5. It could work but there is the huge problem that what if the spectator trys to reach for it. By placing the card in your pocket no spectator will ever reach for it as it is a violation of your personal space, cards on the table are fair game.
  6. yay another twitter post! Really, this forum is being flooded with useless info here Dark. Make a twitter, link us to it, we will follow to see all these posts. These posts are too short to be considered a discussion.


  7. To offset this, I usually place something on top of the card, so "I can't get at it." Something as simple as the card box, even.

    Although, I understand what you're saying. Audience management is definitely key.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily call that an improvement. I think I know how you would accomplish it. It could definitely work.

    However, personally I feel like a card changing places with one in your pocket just hits a little harder and seems more impossible than a transposition that happens between two cards right in front of them the whole time. This is partly because the distance between the two cards with the table effect is shorter than between the two with the pocket effect. I'd just say try your method out and see how the reactions fair versus the regular version of lapse.

    I guess the big picture is which works for you best. You don't want to change something just for the sake of change but if you genuinely like the effect done a different way then by all means.
  9. ugh, how many threads like this is that this week? im gonna agree with the "create a twitter account" post
  10. yea this thread is kinda pointless if you improved it then make a vid and link us then we can comment more also this is the forums not IM lol
  11. I find it amusing that all of the posts complaining about how short the initial post is, are all short "twitter-like" posts themselves. :rolleyes:

    It's nice to see that Haunter takes what most dismiss as a "pointless" thread, and adds some substance to it. I appreciate that he doesn't just whine and complain, and leads by example. Perhaps the forums would have less "pointless" threads if more people approached the forums in the way he approached this thread. :)

    Anyway, Dark Witness, I'm curious to see your handling. Do you perhaps have a video of said handling, or could you make one (note that you'll score bonus points for filming it for a live audience)?

    In any case, I believe the card in the pocket seems more organic and natural. It just makes sense to put a card in your pocket--that's where I would put anything else if I was temporarily not using it (although, admittedly, not in my back pocket, but that is only because I don't usually have anything as flat as a card with me). As well, it makes sense as far as the trick is concerned in that it keeps the card temporary out of play, so the focus remains on what you are currently doing--if the card were out on the table, it would be potentially tempting the audience, drawing their focus away from what you are doing.

    Hence, I would love to see your handling for an actual audience, to see how it goes. :)
  12. Why didnt you just message d+M. This is just another pointless thread...
  13. cm763

    after about the 3rd thread people are less enthusiastic to go that extra mile when the threads haven't improved... just saying
  14. Although this may be an improvement, I'm not sure how this thread would benefit anyone who is not already familiar with the method. That said, I'm going to go ahead and close it.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns. :)
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