Daniel Madison's Psycho

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  1. I was thinking about picking this up, but i have not seen any reviews yet.
    anyone have opinions on this pdf?
  2. Was it ever released?
  3. yeah its on his website =]
  4. Would you look at that he finally released it. Looks nice, I will be getting this soon.
  5. i dont see it?
  6. It's not too bad has all his old psych forces of different cards.

    And about three effects that look like they are psych forces however they sleight dependent. The Psycho deck can and will kill if you put the effort into the presentation.
  7. Pairs has potential for one on one or small groups, you'd have to play it up and I plan on messing with the handling some.

    The Psycho deck is definitely a killer if you put the work into it, it's something I might just play around with.

    Since I already own most of the psychological forces through his other works I didn't get as much from the first half of the PDF, though it did remind me of some subtleties that I might use to try and construct my own PForces.

    Considering the price I got my moneys worth, especially with the promo code (which if you didn't see you're out 2 GBP :p)

    It's not something for everyone (the risk involved) but for those who like the idea of linguistics (Anate, for example) then go for it.
  8. Just bought it

    First glance: a bit different to other D books.

    The tricks are really simple and rely a lot on patter.

    I love the Rain Man trick, just need to find someone to use it with now!

    Havent read the pyscho deck yet, but it looks amazing.

  9. Just a question to throw out;
    If you have Anate, what's the point of getting more psych forces?
  10. Because psych forces are not universal. Different forces will force different things in different ways.

    It's a good thing to have more tools in the box.
  11. 'Tis a good PDF.


  12. one of my favorite books... ....tho mine didn't have any photos anyone else have that issue?

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