Dare Ya!

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Lance.R., Dec 16, 2007.

  1. I dare you beggining to intermideate flourishers out there to upload your best flourish vid you can and see wat other people have to say about... then take there advice and make another one in like 3 months and incorperate everything they told you to make it even better

    DARE YA!!!
  2. omgz i double dare's you.

  3. um what the hell?
  4. How about you make a video and we laugh about it then tell you how to make it better.
  5. count me in! :D
  6. Can I have whatever your on when you posted this?
  7. Hmmmm

    wait, isn't that what we're supposed to be doing anyway; taking corrective criticisms from our posted vids and incorporating them into our work, then posing updated vids of ourselves after having made the changes? I was under the impression that the greatness of this site was not only the artists or their merchandise but of both the family of members themselves and the format of the site in its ability to facilitate growth in aspiring magicians/cardicians/ manipulators or what ever else one would call him/herself through just that very process... Maybe i read waay to much into the site but it sounds like you have the same idea now so...

    Go team!
  8. i think thats why they have "comments' section in the media section. but sometimes if it's realllly n00b, rich won't evn post it , so yea you should just share it here :D
  9. I would do it, but I'm really lazy and don't want to really give the effort. It is nice to make a video of yourself when you first started and go further and look back on how you sucked so bad.
  10. I'm in ;D


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