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  1. Ok this is a random/weird question, but would you happen to know what cards the Joker uses in Dark Knight (or in any joker movie).... or anything close to it...
    Also if you can buy decks of cards of just jokers???/

    please let me know :D
  2. I'm pretty sure they're Tall-Ho jokers. I could be wrong because I haven't handled Tally-Hos in a while, or seen the movie in an even longer while.
  3. Your welcome.
  4. There is also a set of just the cards with poker chips, and no fancy case. It's probably a lot nicer on the wallet, too.

    My brother got me the smaller set for Christmas. I can't comment on how they feel or handle, however. It's been stashed away in the safety of my cabinet.
  5. Thanks for the help again guys, but i have another somewhat unrelated question but i didn't want to post it on a new topic...

    Is it possible to buy a JUMBO electric deck anywhere, and how much would it cost???

    Thank you again :D
  6. Aside from the topic here "Location: The 654 Club," nice touch ;)

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