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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theJokerhahaha13, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. It's me(again:))

    Just wanted to ask if anyone here knows of any bands that compose really dark, sinister-sounding music. Single tracks or whole bands would be appreciated.

    Post your suggestions, comments, rants whatever here

  2. Dora The Explorer
  3. For real dark ambiance check out profane grace - He's italian I think. Sunn0)) from the UK are pretty dark too.

    For more up-tempo evil try Anaal Nathrak from over here or perhaps a little Sargeist.

  4. X-Ray Dog is the first thing that pops into my head
  5. you mean like metal, emo, screamo?
  6. Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate are my two picks. Nox Arcana have fewer sound effects though, so they'd probably be more appropriate. Necronomicon and Carnival of Lost Souls would be my two favorites.

    May I ask, what are you planning to use this for?
  7. Your request leaves tons of wiggle room. Could be dark terrifying grindcore ala Pig Destroyer, or Dark cold landscapes ala Autechre, Dark ambient insomnia music via Coil...
  8. He did leave the qualifier of "sinister", which would rule out Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Children of Bodom, Immortal, Arch Enemy, and Darkthrone to name a few. I wouldn't describe any of those bands as sinister. Brutal, perhaps. Certainly intense. But they lack the subtlety to be sinister.

    If we're going with something other than soundtrack music a la Nox Arcana, then there are still plenty of options. Anders Manga, Candlemass, Esoteric, Funeral, Opeth, and Type O Negative come to mind.
  9. Could also try something with beats ala Dj Krush. Dark for sure, but more deep than sinister.
  10. May I ask, what are you planning to use this for?[/QUOTE]

    Just wantin some good music for some videos I am thinkin of makin and some good music to practice to
  11. So what type of dark are you looking for?
  12. You probably own it already but The Dark Knight soundtrack is freaking sweet. Really dark, intense music. Check it out if you haven't before.
  13. That narrows things down a bit, but still needs more context.

    For practice, Nox Arcana would be better as it's less distracting and more ambient. There are times when brainstorming that I prefer to put that sort of thing on my iTunes and let the free association of ideas go.

    For videos, it's heavily dependent on the performance. If you intend to speak (which would be a welcome switch from all the mute wannabes I see floating around cyberspace), no lyrics. Instrumentals. If you aren't going to talk, don't just stick a random song in there. I once saw a knife manipulation video with Iron Maiden as the soundtrack. Not the best choice, but still a decent one.

    Examples... Off the top of my head, a routine that somehow involves bleeding would be good to set to Wolf Moon by Type O Negative, which talks about blood a lot, but for reasons that I cannot disclose in public because it's incredibly taboo.
  14. I think I am liking artists like Nox Arcana now that I have listened to them

    Also from what CringeMagic22 said I am lookin also for emo sounding stuff
  15. Well, that raises a new question. By emo, do you mean the bands MTV thinks are emo like My Chemical Romance, The Used, Bullet for my Valentine, and Hawthorne Heights? Or do you mean the real emo bands like Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, City of the Caterpillar, and Circle Takes the Square?

    Just want a clarification because the two concepts of emo could not be more different if they tried.
  16. Take one step away from emo and try M83. They have some really amazing, mellow and imho sinister sounding shoegazer stuff.
  17. Um...
    Anarchy Club & Avenged Sevenfold sound about right.
  18. Yep, you're not gonna get much darker than Sunn O)))

    Pure drone.

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