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  1. Daniel Madison made some changes to his site, the whole thing looks pretty bad a$$. it was a shock seeing the black after his site has always been so white and ghostlike. its got some updates that could be promising. "a deck of cards" might prove to be interesting it appears to be a blog/journal in the making. just thought id see if anyone else had seen the updates or had any thoughts, speculations or info
  2. Looks pretty cool.
    I'm waiting to see if he'll be selling a new deck of cards, but it could just be some centurions or something.
  3. abnotu 'A deck of cards' I called it SO long ago! when the quotes were on his site I said that it was probably a book or something. and I CALLED it! yay!!

    anyways. checking the site now...

    It's DIFFERENT! anyways, I don;t like it. I loved the old site. when everyone was turning thier sites black, his was white and original. He's conformed. but it still looks nice. just not AS nice.
  4. im thinking "a deck of cards" will be a journal not a product. when you click on it and look at the address bar at the top it says "blog" at the end of the address. dunno.. we'll have to wait and see
  5. *hands you a cookie*

    It will most certainly be a blog. A lot of his quotes referenced "A Deck of Cards." Not to mention the URL contains "Blog."

  6. He mentions in The Hunger that he will release his journal recorded during that time at its conclusion. Perhaps?
  7. theirs a secret linky thingy!

    (not very well hidden)
    go on "deck of cards" and click on the long poem
    "the clues are nowwere yadda yadda yadda"
    and you get some umc type thing... and lots of numbers at the bottom!
  8. yes there is, within the numbers are letters, when you remove the letter, you get "dont find me until you are ready" i have yet to figure out the next step, any help would be great. thats why im sharing this info haha
  9. " whatisdanielmadison.com "
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  11. annnd here we go again
  12. i think he will update it later and it will have something on it for u who have found it
  13. Well if you take a look in the source code it says a few interesting things




    just the names of the images im assuming
  14. yes they i think mean something that is why he named them those things

    here is theory on the UMC. Ok if u go to this link mentioned on the preveouse page that look at the top of the page it reads When you discover the truth of the UMC then u will understand the true purpose of magic. but to understand this u have to take all the numbewrs out of the code at the bottom once done it reads dont find me until you are ready. So if u put all this together here is what i came up with. I think this means dont find the UMC if you are not ready to accept the truth of it and magic. The truth is that there is no UMC but that is not the real secret the real secret is that Both Magic and the UMC are just for entertainment. DM just set this game up to entertain us. I belive the true purpose of magic is to entertain and not make money like alot of artists out there DM is not trying to get rich quick he does this and magic to enertain others. So that is all i have to say about that now let me hear your opinon
  15. I had that opinion and PM'd DM about it.... He was not straight forward. that is all I'll say.
  16. not a bad theory, although i am going to keep searching just because i love these kinds of riddles. im hoping to discover or have someone help me discover a numeric code with the number's between the letters. so far, no go but in the mean time its better than watching old seinfeld episodes
  17. I believe "A Deck of Cards" is just kind of like a subtitle for his notes titled "ONE". Check it out on this page: http://www.danielmadison.co.uk/1.html

    Why he created a page called that? I don't know. Guess we'll see later.
  18. thanks i dont like seinfeld that much i dont think there is a
    UMC but i will still help look for them as metioned before for entertanment
  19. i am also going to seacdh so i can prove my theory Fact and not just a theory

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