David Blaine and Man on Wire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Wow that was probably pretty intense for David but Phillipe gave him a little help at the end.
  2. HAHA thats funny.

    David is a true performer.

  3. Yeah, absolutely. A true artist.
  4. Yea the ending was funny.

    I didn't get it the first time thru.

    Phillipe's got some good sleight of hand though.

    And yea, I'm a try it on a magician buddy.
  5. Hahaha
    Great great video. It is like a cardistry colab, but with magic lol

    I love how Phillipe helped David at the end, to prove that he is really magical...

    Hahaha, I'm still laughing :)
  6. That was an awesome thing to do for David at the end. Very gracious of Phillipe.

  7. Great video! I absolutely loved man on wire, so inspiring!

    Phillipe Petit remins me al ot of Blaine, in the way he see great feasts as beautiful artistry.

    What a great video to wake up to!


  8. WHAT did you say about the WIRE? lo,
  9. That was cool for Phillipe to do.
    I guess he sort of wanted to give the show back to David.
    Awesomeness, I love seeing magicians working together.
  10. I love how it's these two worlds colliding. Two great characters bouncing off of one another.
  11. I Admire Philippe for doing that. He sets a pathway of challenging blaine- but he later on betrays the audience and walks away proudly. Even blaine didnt know what Philippe was planning.

    I am very impressed, Philippe just gained a new Fan.
  12. If you haven't seen the movie, you should.

    Actually, T11, you should carry this movie.
  13. That's a great video, where both Magicians worked with the goal of impressing the audience, and it came together beautifully. Awesome stuff.
  14. what film?
  15. Man on Wire. It won for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards.
  16. i'll have a look into it. Cheers for letting me know about this. Sounds promising. ive never heard of Philippe before.
  17. Man balanced an Oscar on his chin.
  18. Phillipe is such an amazing performer. I love the way he is always performing...life is a constant performance for him. I truly applaud him!

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