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David Blaine Cards to spectators pocket!?

Nov 17, 2016
Hey all. Just thought I would drop a line and see if anyone knew what the effect was the DB used on jimmy Fallon and quest Love. Where David asks Quest to coubt off 10 cards. Then asks him to place them close to his heart, then asks Jimmy for a number between 1-10 and BOOM! jimmy's selected number of cards appears in the same pile Quest has been holding onto. I have seen this before and it blows my mind every time. Can anybody offer any advice, or point me in the direction of learning this effect? Thank you ahead of time.
Much love,
May 19, 2010
It is an updated presentation of Paul Harris's Las Vegas Leaper. You can find it in Art of Astonishment Book 1. However, to perform it the way Blaine does is going to take a little bit of creativity. The original text should get you started though
Jul 14, 2016
What Adam said, if you have a understanding of sleight of hand yiu should have no problem knowing how it's done. I've performed it the way David has a few times already it's gotten great reactions. Definitely a trick you can do any time
Feb 18, 2015
The first part Las Vegas Leaper by Paul Harris(Off of his Art Of Astonishment, or I learned it when I was young off of Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Miracles Volume 1 I think) and the ending was Blaine's own thinking, which I perform all the time. It does not require any gimmicks, just your hands. (Hint: It includes palming)
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