David Blaine FaceTime magic trick?

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    Hey guys so if any of you have watched David Blaine’s recently you’d know what I’m talking about. The FaceTime trick that he does just sounds impossible.

    First he asks the spectator to shuffle the deck then does an ACAAN THROUGH FACETIME.

    In terms of the method I’m thinking that the spectator had to have his deck switched but I don’t see how that’s possible

    Can you guys point me in the right direction? Hope I didn’t reveal too much. I’d even be glad to delete and edit some parts of this comment if that’s necessary
  2. I’m sure a ton of stuff happens off camera that we don’t see that would make a lot more sense . Since you don’t see any of those things you assume they didn’t happen. Kinda like doing preshow show work
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  3. Ahaaa gotcha yeah that’s what I thought too.
  4. And this is why I have severe trust issues.
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  5. Hahahahaha same man. Same

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