David Blaine - Fantastic Performance

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  1. That's probably one of the better reactions from an ACR effect that I've seen.
  2. Beautiful performance, in technique and character.
  3. Another example that simple is best :) Great performance :)
  4. Great! thanks for shairing that man! And as a side note, where can i learn "riped and restored card trick? :p

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    David Williamson's DVD "Sleight of Dave." It's quite the masterpiece. The video cuts before Blaine does the restoration, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
  6. Great, thanks Mat!
  7. This just blows my mind. I have just started learning magic, literally a month ago today, and while I now know some basic sleights and am familiar with ACR routines this just amazes me.
  8. Something common with magicians .... we enjoy nothing more than a well executed piece of close up effect ....

  9. That is the truth... !
  10. Does anyone know where this was? I've never seen David performing in that kind of venue.
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    looks like the dive of death special. except... he's not upside down...
  12. it definitely wasn't that
  13. This was at a corporate event in CA last week. DB killed and the audience of 4,000 loved him
  14. David Blaine must have endless gigs. :p

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