David Blaine Real or magic (needle through arm)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pressure, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. How is that even possible? gimmick? woooow....

    Do you guys have any links to a website where I could purchase this trick? Or it's his invention?
  2. Really? Just gonna post the classic "I'm not doing any research on my own, just tell me where to buy it" schtick? Ugh. >.<

    Check out this resource.
  3. It's a legit piercing.

    I have worked with numerous Pin Cushion type acts over the years, including Bill Fitch, the originator of such bits. But we are talking about having to know your body and how the anatomy works, where things are located, etc. It also requires a certain frame of mind in order to endure such a piercing. . . given my work with Gauntlet Enterprises in the 1980s I can assure you, there are a lot of people in our world that have endured a lot more in way of deep tissue piercing than what David was doing.

    Yes, it's possible that someone has come up with something that replicates the real deal, but I'm doubting that someone can put out something so good that it can be X-rayed and proven as a penetration.

    In the 80s, when I was doing my Punk Rock busking show I drove large needles through my nose, tongue, lip and ears. . . this was long before the piercing trends of today and so my demonstrations shocked folks. The secret however was that I had holes in those points - legit piercings that I would locate and use in the demo (with one exception; when I did a version of the Harry Anderson Needle thru Arm. Thing is, all the legit penetrations I did before this, created a false memory for the audience, who usually testified that the Needle thru Arm was every bit as deep and impossible as what DB does in his program.)

    I do not recommend trying to do this on your own; find someone that knows the body & piercing methods and learn about sanitation in that an infection can result in amputation or worse.
  4. I actually knows those methods, but they are happening only on the surface of the skin, when DB does the tricks, it literally goes through the arm...

    Thanks for the reply I appreciate, I will look further on the subject since it's something that I find truly facinating.
  5. You're looking for circus side show freaks, then.

    I'm just going to emphasize what Craig said - Do not teach yourself how to do this. Find someone who actually knows and learn from them. The Human Pin Cushion is not really a trick. Those are real needles, really going through your body and that can lead to all kinds of unpleasantness.

    On top of talking to piercing professionals, I would find a reputable side show act (William Draven may be able to help you there) who knows this routine. They probably have some other information that a piercer wouldn't think of because side show does it as an act, whereas the piercer is not.

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