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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Greetings! For the past several months David Blaine and his team have been carefully crafting the next edition of his Split Spades deck - The Lions. Words can not express the excitement that all of us here at theory11 - as well as everyone in Blaine's office feel. These cards are perfection.

    They will be released to the world in the coming weeks, but we have been able to get our hands on a limited advanced supply. Take a look at the first glimpse HERE.

    Be sure to check the forums, main page, and media section tomorrow night - Friday at 11:00pm EST for the final unveiling of David Blaine's Split Spade Lions - as well as the release of a brand new 1on1.

    We'll see you all here.
  2. First post (after Wayne) Bow chicka wah wah...

    they looks great! awesome awesome.. I miss David
  3. Oh, I just saw the video and I thought it was a joke.

    Thanks Wayne

  4. I'm guessing David Blaine has jumped on the theory11 bandwagon.
  5. YES! :) I love David Blaine, I love Wayne too :)
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    I'm not a big fan Of David Blaine, but I will check out the deck anyways.

    BTW, Wayne, when's the last time you've checked your pms?
  7. This is incredible. I can't stop watching that video.

    + suprStition
  8. I think I heard something about these a little while ago. I love David Blaine's first deck. I can't wait for these.
  9. I really don't feel that way. I really like this site.
  10. If you think T11 is a "fad" calling it a bandwagon, then you must be on the wagon as well.
  11. If that was a joke it was funny...

    If it's not then i think its fairly obvious that david blaine really really does not need to jump on any bandwagon. He doesn't really need to make money off selling cards through t11.

  12. Wow I got quoted 3 posts in a row, obviously I was joking - David Blaine doesn't need to jump on a bandwagon. And Deryn, I PM'd you.
  13. you don't need to PM me, we can talk right here bro
  14. Wayne & t11 team,
    I have to say, I love cool, new cards. If nothing else, just for my own grins and giggles. I am enjoying the new centurions much more than I thought I would (thanks for the free deck btw!). And now a new deck is hitting the 'shelves' and coming from you they "are perfection". Care to elaborate? What do you personally like about them? Are they perfect in design? Weight? thickness? for XCM? for magic? Are they any different than other custom decks out there? -How so?

    We respect your opinions, but I would love to hear more thoughts on them from you guys (who have released two of your own decks already).

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

  15. Private matters are best handled using PM's.
  16. Im hoping these are as good as the original Tally Ho ones were, because if they are Im glad they are back. Those were truly great decks.
  17. wow this is tallyho repainted?
    im in all the way
    if the price is right...
  18. The Cards look pretty cool! The design looks incredible! I wonder what they feel like?
  19. Are these going to be the same quality as the other split spades? if so, how do those feel?
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