David Blaine - What is magic. New Special?

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  1. I just read this at iTricks:

    Channel 4 will be airing David Blaine’s ‘What is Magic?’ on September 11th at 10pm. David Blaine travels across America to perform tricks in the UK premiere of the show.

    He visits New Orleans where he carries out a money trick in front of locals, producing hundreds of dollars at their fingertips before stopping off at New York to conduct magic in front of Orlando Bloom.

    The show includes the infamous The Bullet Catch; a trick which sees a 22 calibre bullet being fired at point blank range directly at the magician who then has to catch the bullet in a small metal cup in his mouth. The stunt is filmed using Phantom Camera technology which shoots 10,000 frames per second so that not a fraction of the action is missed.

    So is this a new show or just re-edited footage of previous shows?


  2. That sounds an awful lot like his "Dive of Death" special...
  3. yeah it does XD

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    I think it's just DB's cut of the Dive of Death special with a new name to take the focus off the failed Dive of Death stunt and instead put it on the magic and the bullet catch--which were the best parts of the show, as well as more than enough to carry the show, anyhow. DoD, I thought, had some of DB's best magic.

    The title, What is Magic?, also seems to be taken from a line one of his spectators says in the beginning of the DoD special, so perhaps the new cut of the footage will be more about exploring that question through DB's journey across America (an aspect of the DoD special that wasn't much focused on).

    DB always puts his cut of his specials out a year or so later. They're usually better too. The Drowned Alive special in particular--quite a bit of magic was added, including a performance of Puncture and an effect where DB puts a live caterpillar in his mouth and when he opens it a butterfly comes out. Nobody seems to have seen this though. So next time Drowned Alive airs make sure you catch it because it's a much better special than the original, including some good added commentary at the end.

    Anyhow, I hope What is Magic? plays over here soon. I'm curious to see how they re-cut the DoD footage. Should be good.
  5. I had no idea that DB recut his specials. I'll definitely be hunting those down so I can watch 'em, heh. :)
  6. What Is Magic.

    I've been waiting for David Blaine's Bullet Catch, i like the idea of the Bullet Catch effect. & how it can be performed in the 21St century with todays technology, showing every aspect of the effect. It will be interesting to see how David Blaine's version differs from other Bullet catches, Penn & Tellers version was very good. Banachek also performed the Bullet Catch, this effect sticks in people minds if well performed. What makes this effect special is it's danger aspect, actually it has killed many magicians including Chung Ling Soo. Which apart from materialising full goldfish bowls from nowhere, the one effect that will forever be associated with Chung Ling Soo is the notorious Bullet Catch. So this week is a good week for magic Derren Brown's Events, straight after David Blaine's Special.
  7. You are correct that it is a recut version of the most recent special, although with a different structure and running theme ("what is magic?") that is very well done. It features much of the best material from the last special - the lottery, eXile, the dartboard, and as a finale - the bullet catch. If you watch closely during the dartboard routine, you can see a split second shot of Garcia in the background!

    Definitely set your TiVo - it's a great special with some amazing magic.
  8. What station is it on in Canada (or USA)?
  9. i wanan knwo that as well....

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