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  1. I'm sure you all know that David Blaine recently attempted to break the world record for holding your breath under water, and he beat it! I'm not even a huge fan of his, but I am impressed by his determination, this can be the official congratulations thread! Congrats David, good job.

    ''CHICAGO - David Blaine set a new world record Wednesday for breath-holding, 17 minutes and 4 seconds.

    The feat was broadcast live during “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and the studio audience cheered as divers pulled the 35-year-old magician from a water-filled sphere.

    Blaine looked relaxed afterward and said the record was "a lifelong dream."
  2. Seriously that is insane. I could probably hold my breath for 1minute and end up in a coma :D

  3. Oh man you spoiled it! It's not on until 4:00pm here. Ugh.
  4. Just got off the phone with Dan White a few moments ago, and the news has just hit the wire. Congrats to David. The full stunt will be broadcast today on Oprah (check local listings for the time it will air in your city).

    The final time was 17 minutes, 4 seconds - beating the world record by 32 full seconds. Extremely impressive.
  5. i know, congrats to david, might have to cave in and buy the split spades lions, even though its about $16 in england for 1 pack! Finally selling them, yet the price is extortionate!

  6. They don't broadcast Oprah show here... Sigh.

    Someone rip it and upload to youtube? Thanks!
  7. Congratulations David!!
  8. I <3 David Blaine CONGRATS!!!
  9. This man is amazing, he's the best man and magician in the world!! =) WHOA how is this possible 17 min and 4 sec! :)
  10. if it has "...just hit The Wire" it should be in ..::The Wire::.. section...
    what do you think?
  11. Here's how you hold your breath for a long time!

    1. Start out with some simple breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Do this lightly for about thirty seconds, then breathe a little heavier for another thirty seconds.
    2. Take a massive gulp of air and hold it for as long as possible. You should time it to see how long you can hold, and from there you can get a reference of to how much you grow.
    3. Repeat these steps 3-4 times per session. It is not recommended to do this any more, as it could damage your lungs and body. Try one session in the morning and one session, at night if you wish.
    4. Keep practicing and before you know it, you will be able to hold your breath for minutes at a time.
    Taken from wikihow
  12. What the hell? I haven't seen it yet.

    It just started, but now there's no point in watching it. Thanks.


    P.S. Good job David.
  13. Truly amazing. I can't wait until this is on YouTube... unfortunately, we don't have cable at my house for a while, so I can't watch it. Hopefully somebody will put it on the 'Tube!
  14. Oprah isn't on cable its on local channels.
  15. WOOT!!! That is amazing David! Congradulations!
  16. What the EFF?!

    Way to go, DB.
  17. I finally finished watching it...and i recorded it to! Anyone know how to upload it on youtube? Its on my computer/TV system. It is a window vista any help and i can get it on youtube quicker!!
  18. I guess I would be wrong when I think of a long time to hold your breath longer than six minutes. Wowie, 17:04.4 seconds!

    Was this a pre-recorded or live event?
  19. well actually, holding ones breath without inhaling pure oxygen beforehand, the record is around 8 mins 58 secs, and david attempted that in may 2006, only to lose conciousness and have convulsions around 7 mins, so over 6 mins is a long time! :)

    but 17 mins, 4 secs is an incredible time, even with the pure oxygen, very impressive...
  20. wow. amazing. I just watched it.

    Absolutely amazing.

    It did seem rather anti-climatic. I guess it is Oprah, not the middle of the street with thousands of people around and Stewart Scott yelling over the people.

    Again, great job david.

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