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  1. Hi,

    Browsing the new "Lions" playing card page trying to find some empirical data on them (i.e. something besides hyperbole) I noticed there is a link to "check out the reviews"! Of course no reviews are written yet, because the people that ordered them haven't had time to recieve their decks yet.

    But there are over 110+ ratings already, for an average of 4 1/2 stars... does that mean nothing except that there are over 100 fanboys on this site that are "rating" these cards based on ... nothing but the preview video? Does anyone else find this really lame? basically it means the rating system is meaningless.
  2. no the ratings are meaningful
    all of those people who rated it would not be able to tell the difference between a tallyho deck and a wet sponge if they were blindfolded
    so when you get down to it
    in their eyes
    the only difference between all decks is how they look
    so seeing the preview video is enough for them
    to put in their rating

    are you really surprised that the rating system is absolutely meaningless?
    here is a rating system i use
    look at which decks pros like bucks use in their daily performances
    their mouths will say that deck X and deck Y are great
    but when you get down to it what they find the best is what they use
  3. Yep, the rating system is meaningless. Hype up a deck enough and just show bits and pieces of it in a video and the teenie-bop fanboys will dilute the ratings regardless of what the cards are really like. Classic example is the first Guardians. People were foaming at the mouth but in reality they handled like crap, but they were nevertheless rated up as if they were the second coming of Jerry Nuggets. Its a shame because if T11 releases a legitimately great deck (which these new Split Spade Lions may actually be despite the steep price), you'll never really know before buying them because the ratings for ALL the decks here, whether good or bad, will be diluted and of no help.
  4. Thats lame. People don't even have the deck yet they're giving them all 5/5 reviews.....
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    Haha, be careful what you are saying, because David Blaine is actually using his Split Spades more than any other deck and perhaps when the new Smoke&Mirrors are ready, Dan and Dave will be using them quite often ;) Boy, I can't even imagine the hype the Dan and Dave deck will receive, and I'm sure they won't even have to say or write a single word about the deck, it will sell like crazy :D If we ever say anything bad about the way it is marketed we will be flamed like hell by the teenie-bop fanboys :rolleyes:

    Anyways, Bayme tried to explain on the other thread that there is actually a difference in the quality of the custom decks compared to regular decks. He says they (and he personally) put a lot of effort to make sure the deck come out all right. OK, I won't doubt the amount of effort. Obviously you don't just send the USPCC an email with the front and back design of the deck, the finish and then happily wait for your decks. But my guess is, that even if T11 wanted to produce a regular Bicycle deck, may be one that has a tiny T11 logo on the box, they would have to go through the same hassle and put just the same effort to go the USPCC to monitor the production process. But it would be the same Bicycle deck, despite the effort put into it, and would not deserve the label 'iconic' and 'of premium quality'. But that's just a guess.
  6. Umm... then how did you find out about the DnD deck? Because they told you it was coming of course! But I do agree with the pre-release over-hype. I've never touched a deck other than Bikes from the USPCC so I won't have much to compare to anyway. Australian stores have these crappy cardboard jobs that crimp when you touch them...:D
  7. Shanku, you legend.

    Sorry for the offtopic.
  8. Do Lions have the same finish as the old split spades and tally's?
  9. no, they are supposed to have a new and improved finish and a different stock.
  10. Absolutely not.

    Every deck has its own feel and finish...in most cases anyway.

    Read that other thread where JB talked about how decks are made.
  11. lol right
    you ate that right up didnt you
    its physically impossible to produce the _same_ finish on any two decks
    even if they are the same brand, like tally-hos
    on the subatomic level the finishes will never be identical
    its a matter of how drastic the changes are
    to me the linoid finish on the tallyhos feels much different than the airflow finish on the bicycles and _every other_ bicycle derivative
    i dont care what the process was to make that card

  12. I find that interesting considering the fact that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Tally linoid finish and the Bicycle airflow finish. There may be a difference in the basic paper stock between Tally's and Bikes but as far as the finish is concerned, they are identical and it's just a marketing ploy to call one a linoid finish and the other airflow. The fact that Tallys cost more is more due to the fact that they are produced in far smaller quantities than the mass produced Bikes as opposed to having a more expensive finish. But you know what? There will still be scores of people swearing on their ancestor's graves that the finishes are different or that one is better than the other even though they're the same. At the end of the day its all subjective and if your mind convinces you that Tallys are better, for example, go with them and you'll probably perform better with them.
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    whats more expensive than what?

    i prefer tallys largely because i find them to be softer
    be it because of stock or thickness i dont care
    they feel better in my hand
    its easier for me to perform with my style
    i wouldnt say they are volumes better
    but i would choose them over any other similarly priced deck
    and over a lot of much higher priced decks

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