David Copperfield : On YouTube

Well my question is, if he says that if someone exposes one of his tricks, like the Masked Magician exposed how he walks thru the Great Wall of China, that he just would change the method, but keep the same illusion. So does this mean he's gonna go back to The Great Wall & do it again with a different method? Or how about Flying? There are tons of videos revealing that, so if he does have more methods for that, why not bring it back into his show? My point is, what's the point of having different methods to illusions that you dont even do anymore? Either way, I go 2 his show whenever he comes to my town & would kill to see Flying again, as Im sure many of you out there would, its the best illusion ever.
Jan 30, 2009
Oddly enough I was explaining to a friend the other day about how I knew exactly how he does his flying yet my brain refused to believe in those facts while watching him do it. I caught him live in Oct of 99 (i think) at Ceasers Palace. I was mostly underwhelmed. There was a french Magician across the street at the newly opened Paris Casino doing the same "Dissapearing group of random spectators" closer at the same time.
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