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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EyeOfDeception, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. David Copperfield is performing in Vancouver from the 23-26 this month. I'm going to see him on the 26th. Anyone else in the area going to go see him?
  2. I'll be catching him in Edmonton on Oct 30th. I'm hoping to meet CK too.
    (I've also got a pair of extra tickets too for anyone in the Edmonton Area who wants them.) ;) I'm excited to see his show again.

  3. I wish he came to England for a while :(
  4. Vancouver B.C.??
  5. Don't worry. I'll go there eventually;)
  6. You'll love his show. I saw it a while ago. Like a real while ago (2002 maybe?). I just missed his show here in Montreal a couple of weeks ago.

  7. I saw his show in Vegas about 3 years back, and it was great. He's an awesome performer, and he somehow manages to update his acts to match the current styles in magic. Definitely worth seeing before you die... or quit magic.

  8. Yeap. He's performing at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts .
  9. I saw him earlier this year in Atlanta. He performed Portal.
    It. was. astounding.
  10. I saw it two years ago in Tampa. I might see it again in Orlando in January..not sure yet.
  11. I saw his show recently when he came to London, Ontario...astounding. Lottery was one of my favourites from the show, as it has so many parts to it, each more amazing than the last. I can't recommend this show enough, it was brilliant. Wherever he ends up after his tour (back in Vegas, I'm guessing), I'll definitely go see him again (and if he does end up back in Vegas, I'll be sure to see Lance Burton and Penn and Teller, as well...MAYBE Criss Angel, if the Cirque show improves drastically). :)
  12. Just saw his show tonight. It was great.
  13. I wish i could have seen him a few days ago when he was here, but have fun everyone who is going to the shows in the next few days.

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