(David Stone) Hand Dominance. Wow.

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    (The trick that starts around 2:30 in this clip)

    His hands change dominance. For the dribble, his base hand is his left hand, then for the riffle, his base hand is his right hand. For this pass, his base hand is his right hand, then for the mercury fold, his base hand is his left hand.

    (If this is exposure, I apologize greatly)

    Is this common? I'm assuming that he's right handed because he uses his right hand more in his coin routing, but learning to pass with the other hand? That's just badass.

    Does anyone else do this, or is David Stone more of a freak than I thought?

    I'm seriously considering learning how to pass/clipshift with my other hand, just to open doors to use them in different situations. I've considered it briefly before, but now that I think about it again, the idea is just delicious.

    (this should probably be in the card magic forum, but I don't think the idea here is strictly limited to cards.)
  2. I'm a right handed and I do card magic left handed;). So, you can do the moves the way you feel better. To be honest, I have no idea why I do card magic left handed, that's the way I feel more confortable.
  3. Yeah he's sorta crazy and does a bunch of things different ways. Im not sure if its because he's a lefty but has mastered coin magic in both hands or if he simply does things the way he wants to or whatever else!

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