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  1. I was thinking of buying this and wanted to see what you guys think, is it really that good? And is the advice only about restaurant magic or does it apply to everything? And basically do you recomend it? did you like it? and I'm probably going to buy them one by one, so which one should I get first?

    Thank you!
  2. well i have both vol's and they are great, you can't go wrong with them the tricks are straight and to the point it gives great advice for the real working magician, if you want to take your magic to the next level more pro I say get it the tricks are so strong and simple just like witness and to be honest I think the price that they sell it for is way to cheap for all the material you get they should sell it like $50 each lol
    one of the best buys I have ever made
  3. Thanks another question, do you have to buy any special gimmicks or does he explain how to make those?
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    A lot of the effects don't require any gimmicks what-so-ever. Some do require minimal set-up.

    Although there is a fair amount of effects which involves gimmicks which you may or may not have. There is numerous effects that utilize flash paper, and you will also need Jumbo Coins, Special Thumb-Tips, Gimmicked Coin Boxes, and some others.

    So, you may have to search around after purchasing it.


    Edit::Most of the gimmicks are on Volume.2, although Volume 1 does have a few but, the more tricky one's to find are on Volume.2 Just in-case you need to buy only 1 at a time.
  5. I have vol. one and it is well worth the price. The advice is great and will help anyone trying to get into making money with their magic. I have used almost all of the tricks on the DVD. So basically I recommend getting it. To answer your question about the gimicks, the only thing I can think of right off hand is you may want to get some flash paper. Other than that anything you need you already have or is easy to get.
  6. THanks, I really might order it, maybe sleep on it today again and maybe tomorrow.

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