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    A few moments ago, I spoke with David Blaine via phone on two exciting topics that we can now announce publicly for the first time.

    Today, we announce an image contest hosted directly by db and t11. The challenge is to create a visual; an image; a video. It can be in the form of a video or a photo; the only requirement being that your creation should utilize and display the Split Spade Lions in the most captivating manner possible. Cardistry, magic, or abstract - anything goes.

    All submissions must be in by December 31st, 2008 at midnight EST. Contest submissions will be judged directly by David Blaine and the {db} creative team. Submissions should be posted in response to THIS forum thread. Images can be attached to your post; videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. If you are making a video and need music, you can utilize the original Split Spades preview soundtrack composed by theory11. A direct download link to the MP3 is here.

    Limit one submission per member - and feel free to collaborate if you choose. You have two weeks to make it happen. You have two weeks to enter.

    We will select ONE winner out of all submissions. The winning submission will be featured on the main page of DavidBlaine.com and theory11 for one full week, and the creator will receive a prize package consisting of one uncut Split Spade sheet signed to you by David Blaine (unattainable) and 3 signed, authentic db posters. By submitting your creation, you also grant David Blaine usage rights worldwide in all capacities.

    In celebration of this contest, and to help get you started, Split Spades have had a massive price reduction on the theory11 product page - nearly 30% off. Be a part of the action and take home the prize. Go for it.

    Doug McKenzie

    NOTE : Videos and/or images created in this contest should be entirely your own work. Submissions may be utilized by theory11 and/or {db}productions for promotional purposes, advertising, or marketing, online or offline. By submitting an entry into this contest, you grant us perpetual permission to do so.
  2. I like contests...thank you!
  3. ok this is kick butt!!!! Whooooo!! yeah!!!
  4. wish i could order some split spades to participate...sigh.

    not allowed to order any more cards for a bit. and im broke.

    would a drawing be okay? haha. since it DID say "image"
  5. Cool, Im going to start making designs now.

  6. does any one know how many entries you can enter
  7. ive already shot over 200+ pictures
  8. Images of any kind and videos of any kind are welcomed. It could be a photograph of the Split Spades in some way, a cardistry video, a magic performance using the cards - anything you can think of. Because the focus is to channel creativity, submissions should limit one per member.
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    edit: dont want this to be my picture
  10. Drawing is fine ... Just make sure it includes the Split Spades somehow.

    Doug McKenzie
  11. Great photo ... I can't tell if its split spades though.

    Doug McKenzie
  12. Doug,

    Does comedy get you anywhere in this contest?

  13. yeah i know but i took another one were you can see it is a SS deck
  14. Sure .... if that's your means of creative expression.

    Doug McKenzie
  15. Interesing.
    We'll see...
  16. Went to buy some decks of SS, but it doesn't appear to be taking 30% off? Any help??
  17. You may need to refresh the page. The discount will be applied automatically when adding to cart. Previously, the retail price for a single deck was $6.95 - it is now $4.95. This should do the trick.
  18. Wow if only split spades were always that price. Nice contest too
  19. Since I'm so busy with work and all, I had to go ahead and post my picture now. I only had an hour to work on it tonight and I probably won't have any time to work on it anymore later. So, here it is:




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