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    Anyone has other methods for the clean up in DB spin change?
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  3. I actually spread it angled like that, and cull it angled like that, then, once it's on the bottom, I finally twist it right. The spread provides an ample amount of cover, so it's fine, and looks cleaner.

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  5. I've used it to turn a face down card face up on a face down deck so there was less to see
  6. i think you should just practice. otherwise you can use the clean up method as a triump, sort of like an inverse somersault-esque move using a deck flip of your choice (casually just flip it over or TG Deck flip, etc)
  7. cull it and bring it into tenkai.
  8. in the devil's picture book there is a palm that you could use i forgot the name....
  9. I personally use Chad Nelson's perpindicular reverse ( action described in " Fourplay"-Surfaced) which is basically a perpindicular cull with a reverse so that when I close the deck I end completley clean- no reversed card.

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