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  1. Hiya, this is a video iI made for my friend. I was ill yesterday and she asked me.
    Go to here to see it.
    Feel free to comment and give feedback.

  2. Nice video but it really lacked any style or anything that really showed off the moves. I mean sure you could complete each one faily competently, but they didn't really flow or seem smooth at all. I mean why is it that no one seems to do the flares in Sybilism? They just kind of flap the cards around like they are paddling or something. The pivots given during the flare position give you a huge range of motion and no one seems to take advantage of it. If you want to impress flourishers, little movements won't impress anyone. Want to impress laymen, little movements definatley won't impress anyone. Guess it's just my problem that people don't understand that if you are going to do something that is flashy, it's called flourishing for god's sake, then it should look good. If you can't do it to a level to succeed at that, then practice more, make videos less.
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    edited: okay i will be less harsh. the packet chest bounce was cool but the rest of it 2/5 a little pitchy in spots dogg.
  4. Trash, I don't think there is a need to be so harsh. You can have your opinion and say you did not like the video, but could you try to be constructive with your criticism? It really is not needed for you to be calling everyone noobs.
  5. I am not saying that I dont' like him as a person or somethinig, i'm sure he's cool, but it's like putting someting on the table that's not done cooking yet! besides i waited a cuople days and noone commented so I thought i would give some criticism. This video would be much better if the dude just spent a little more time practicing ever single routine, I mean every single video you make should at least TRY to be 5/5, every time!
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    I agree the video wasent that bad but trash that was harsh bro. By the way about the video it was okay but like said above try adding a style to the video. It seems really boring when you're just showing moves 1 by 1 by 1 etc...
  7. I thought it was ok, i like the fact that you didn't try to rush the moves to much. You have the potential to be nice and smooth, keep at it. Oh and do work on those flares, Eko looked good though.

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