Deception with Keith Barry

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  1. Saw it last night. Derren Brown should be pissed. This show feels like he's totally ripping off Brown's style & presentation.
  2. Just watched a couple of clips on YouTube. It looks like a Derren Brown tribute act, if Criss Angel's producers had got to him. Bad (and not in a good way).
  3. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with Browns work but this barry guy doesn't seem impressive. I didn't catch the show but I looked through those youtube clips. On the clip with the car salesmen and the car falling out of the sky, not sure if they were trying to hide it or not but the camera moves too far left and exposes the crane that held up the car right beside the building.

    @teedee- "if criss angels producers had got to him" . . . . . Priceless hahaha
  4. Keith Barry is a really great dude. Take a look at his Ted talk and a few clips of his work on youtube.
    Although he has a flavour of Derren it really can't be helped since that is what the market wants right now.

    Keith is a good guy and i love how he does his stuff, eventhough i really don't fancy this show, his past material has been amazing.

  5. Keith barry isn't at all like a derren brown tribute act, i think thats unfair to say. If you've watched his television specials you'll see that, although deception has some street mentalism which is similar to derren's ill admit that much. I highly recommend his newest stage show which he just finished with here in Ireland, it's nothing like derren's, it's alot more of a comedy 'having the crack' kinda show, he really is his own performer and i dont think he's trying to rip off derren brown, but he may have looked at the huge success and massive popularity of derren in the uk and ireland , and tried to get some of that winning style into his own tv special. If it's what people want to see, i see no problem with having what some would call a heavy influence.
  6. So did he really hipnotize those people or not? It looked pretty fake when he turned the guy into a sleeper agent.
  7. He sets up a car on the crane then the 3 car salesmen together think of the car he set up, they never saw the car either. One of them thinks of a color and one thinks of a brand and the last salesmen thinks of the color of the other half of the car
  8. I don't know . . . . That seems like A LOT of work for a simple effect. I missed the show but seeing the youtube clips and reading your explanation (assuming you saw the show) that segment is just screaming "STOOGE".
  9. I'm sure he's much more talented than Deception would indicate. I've heard good things about him before, which leads me to believe that the producers of the show have done him no favours in selecting the style and type of material.
  10. lol, i gotta say that ... despite some people say he is not immitating Derren Brown .... he is. I've noticed it since i first saw Barry perform. Maybe he's trying to become the Derren Brown of American or something ... His work is a bit too close to those of Derren's ... However, the name of the show "deception" to me ... seems accurate if you know what i mean because i kinda find it hard to believe that the car salesmen didn't notice the crane, or the mat, or the RED and YELLOW (talking about getting attention) car hanging above them. I would find it weird to see a crane in the middle of a car lot ...
  11. They were actually waiting in a room while Keith set everything up and they were lead outside with there eyes closed, and were told not to turn around.
  12. Were they told pick Red and Yellow and act surprise too ... ?
  13. I just thought the presentation was awful. I watched it with my family and i was embarrassed for him. When he said "for this next part i will need all my mentalism abilities" i laughed and also died a little inside. All of this was absolutely staged and he played it off like he can really do all of this. It was not worth watching.
  14. What did you guyz think about the new "Cops and Robbers" episode ?
  15. frankly I didn't see it. Wasn't that impressed with the first episode to continue investing my time into it.

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