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  1. So I was wondering if anyone else had seen this TV show?

    If you have, did you enjoy it?

    I want to hear two perspectives.

    One as your average TV watcher did you like it.

    Second, as a magician did you like it.

    And why, I am incredibly interested to see what you guys make of it.
  2. My wife, son and I really liked it and are bummed that it wasn't renewed for next season -- especially after the way it ended on Sunday. I enjoyed the creativity put into the various deceptions by MW or the team.

    As a magician, I'm glad there wasn't anything exposed on the show that is an actual method. The real magic performed was basic... by necessity because the star of the show isn't actually a magician. And they did misinterpret Jim Steinmeyer's "Guarding and Empty Vault" quote in the last episode. I found the magician jokes to be funny, but that may just be my sense of humor and enjoying laughing at the stereotype.

    As a television critic, the overarching plot wasn't nearly as interesting as what was happening on each episode and it did get a little strange during the last episode.
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  3. Agreed but what a killer ending.
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  4. I still intend to watch the rest of the show that has aired, but the pilot did not hook me. I really wanted to like it, but it felt like I was just watching a mixture of other shows. Castle and The Mentalist primarily. I think I'm just done with crime procedurals with wacky non-cop leads.
  5. I just loved how they kept roasting Criss Angel xD
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