Deck display Return? ( Preferbally a mod answer this)

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  1. Hey, So I’ve bought a lot of things from you guys and the number one thing I need to finish off my collection of things is the deck display. I’ve seen that you’ve been out of stock for 3 months a s I know tons of people would buy it immediately if you started to sell them again. My question is when will it be in stock?

    Thanks Much,
    Hunter Pace
  2. As a mod, I have no idea if this will be available any time soon.

    I'm sure as heck going to jump on it if it does come back in stock, though!
  3. Is There any way as a mod that you can find out through an Administrator or someone like that.

    Thanks Much,
    Hunter Pace
  4. Hello!

    For questions about our store and specific product questions, contact us at The moderators in the forum are volunteers who help make sure the forums run smooth - they aren't theory11 employees working in the store.

    Regarding the display shelves, these have been discontinued and we do not have plans to restock them.

    // L
  5. Have you tried to get response from Theory11 Support. Seems to me they would be the people to ask, not forum moderators.
  6. Well. That's disappointing.
  7. Hopefully, the team has something else in the works that would be different and much better!
  8. Well, I do hope Theory11 comes out with a new version of a deck display. There’s literally nothing like it anywhere online sold by anyone. I know In November and December when they restocked both table and wall deck displays the sold out immediately. Hopefully they either restock it and or create something new to add to the Gear. Last thing they added was a pyramid puzzle sold for $200 and it’s a level 1 and has a $10 deck inside atleast if you get the Jqck deck. Please respond with any plans or atleast confirmation you can ask someone who might know.

    Thanks Much
    Hunter Pace
  9. We did not restock the Table Top display in November and December. The Table Top Display was discontinued way back when we introduced the Wall Display - The Wall Display replaced it.

    The Puzzle Pyramid contains a random rare deck. The JAQK Amethyst deck is the newest of the rare decks available in the Pyramid. Since it is no longer available the value is already increasing. It was a $10 deck at release, and now, only a few weeks later, you can find it selling for $15-$20 on eBay. It will likely sell for more as it gets older, like the other deck options.

    The Table Top Display will NOT be restocked. Yes, we have other items coming to the gear section in the future.

    We don't release information about plans for upcoming products until just before release. No spoilers! My source? I work for theory11. :)

    // L
  10. +1 for another Deck Display Shelf sometime in the future. I dont prefer the wall shelf, and the old one is perfect for form and function in my taste. Hoping to see another!
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