Deck Of The Year?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anismzs, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys..It's Anismzs here....well the Title says all...what deck do you guys and gals think is the deck of the year?????....I say D1IE... XD
  2. the expert at the card table playing card....!!!
    so sexy and simple^^

    also SM V4 and soon maybe V5...

    the long lasting deck of card i really love^^
    also the 125's soon be mine^^
  3. HEY..YEAH...SM V4 is my favourite and Loved deck for all time!!!....that and D1IE XD
  4. ***Smacks head against wall***

    That is all.

  5. Hey Lyle,Whats with the smacks head against wall???????
  6. Actually there is no deck of the year or any best deck it is just some physicology thing when new things come out. People will get it because it is a new product. And sometimes techonology is also one of the factor would any car company make a 1970 car and sell it? No! Everything is getting better
  7. I wish they would:(
  8. LOL, that wont happen
  9. smoke & mirrors v5 !!!!!
  10. Blue Bicycles

  11. Should be changed to deck of the year released in 2010. And please nobody else purposely hurt themselves.
  12. Yeah, because I put blue Bicycles because I didn't understand the question... end sarcasm...

  13. It wasn't funny. Maybe Im just in a bad mood today, but it seems like there is always somebody that says "Bicycles" whenever a thread like this comes up. Its obviously about specialty decks and saying bicycles doesn't accomplish anything, even as a joke.

    As for me, I like V4s and Sentinels. It may be the V5s for me, but i have to wait and see... Cant wait for them to arrive!
  14. ...and mentioning the latest fashionable deck does accomplish something?

    These threads accomplish nothing full stop, so one more pointless post isn't going to make much difference.

    Seriously, Theory 11 is supposedly about 'advancing the art of magic.' Yet all people seem to like doing on this forum is sit around discussing the best bits of paper to goof about with, is completely pointless. They're just cards for god's sake!

    Plus, I really do like my blue Bicycles...

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    Theory 11 also sells specialty decks, so not really a pointless thread and discussing them is worthy of a thread. There is a market and interest for them so why can't they be discussed? Maybe I am just crazy today
  16. i really like red bikes personally, sharpie shows up better.

    but a deck of Bee anything is always a plus
  17. You should add a poll on this. I think it would make it more interesting...and fun. The decks I know that were released either this year or at the end of last year are
    T11: Deck One
    T11: Sentenels
    S&M: v.4
    S&M: v.5
    Squeezers: Angel-back limited reissue
    Bee: Expert at the Card Table (1st&2nd ed)
    Karnival: Ryujin
    Bicycle 125th anniversary ed.

    Pretty sure those are most the major releases?

    My personal vote would be for either the v.4s or the Erdnase. Both really great decks.

    Oh yeah...Bike 808s probably would have been deck of the 1885!
    I'm sure most wouldn't object to a worst deck of the year award bestowed upon the 2010 1st edition(run) of the Kentucky Bikes. From a collectors perspective I figure those cards might actually be worth something in 30 years. Just like the card version of the Edsel Ford.
  18. Red Bicycles are way better...
  19. Bicycles??? You guys are squares! I like my Walgreen Studs (Red back) and Bees (Red <3).

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