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  1. I've been looking for a deck production and vanish for a while now. I can't find anything except "Invisible deck" which uses a really obvious gimmick. Is there a deck production and vanish "out there"?
  2. panic by aaron fisher is like a deck vanish with a twist..
  3. I dont own the gecko, but from what i've heard, what you want to do could be accomplished using it or something like it.
  4. Misdirection and a pocket can work wonders.

    Derren Brown's Zamiel's Rose uses an impromptu deck vanish. Found on the Devil's Picturebook.
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  6. WoW! This is why being a newbie sucks! There were alot of options out there i didn't even know about :]

  7. leaser aces/geckco
  8. If this is too much of a reveal don't answer these questions. PM me the answers please :/

    The Gecko says it needs a "refill" how much does this cost?

    I liked Panic, but alot of reviews says it requires a gaff of some sort. Does this mean I can't use a standard deck of cards?
  9. Productions:
    -Deck Production by Brian Tudor in his Heckler DVD. Its... okay.... I wouldnt use it though
    -David Stone has 1 in his Real Secrets of Magic DVD 1. This is for close up.
    -Val Valentino has one in his stage performance. This is more for stage or cabaret.
    -Brett Daniel also has one in his stage performance. This is for table performances.
    -Sudden deck by David Regal is sort of one. This is a pretty cool effect using a gimmick
    -Deck Dropper by Trevor Duffy. I have no experience with this. Its a gimmick of some sort.

    -Gecko. This works, but it has to be in the box. It does need a refill. Once you get it, you will be quite dissapointed. I reckon you can make your own refills with a little researching.
    -Panic by Aaron Fisher. Not a bad effect. It does require a gimmick/gaff of sort. But you do use a normal deck.
    -David Stone has a great deck vanish in his Real Secrets of Magic DVD1.
    -Mathew Dowden's Party Animal DVD has a good one.
    -Derren Brown's Zamiel's Rose. Pretty Nice. I find it a little too risky for my taste as I am not at that good of a level to achieve that yet with confidence.
    -Ambilitious by Masuda. This is okay i guess. Requires a gimmick
    -Reboxed by Alex Moffat. Can be found in his DVD Illusion through Expectation
    -Steve Draun's Deck Vanish can be found in his Standing Room Only DVD. A tad hard.
    -Psychological Deck Vanish by James Brown. THis is more for close up.
    -Quick Cut Away by Dan Harlan. Very similiar to other versions as well.
    -Deck Vanish by Ellis and Webster. In their DVD Ellis in Wonderland. no experience with this.
    -Deck Vanish by Paul Harris. This is a classic method. Can be found in his Art of Astonishment books or his Stars of Magic DVD Set(which i highly recommend)
    -Card in Ear by Richard Sander. Can be found in his Richard Sanders Show DVD 3. Not bad I guess. Really Sanders Style.
    -Deck Vanish by Brian Tudor. Can be found in his Heckler DVD. Once again... its not bad.... I sometimes use this. Its pretty visual.
    -Impossible Shuffle by Jerry Andrus. Its not bad. Very visual effect on its own. You cant really change it to make it just a deck vanish though. but who cares, the effect is OMG
    -Peak Vanish by Nathan Kranzo. Can be found in Outside the Box DVD. Very Similiar to other effects.

    As you can see, there are way more Vanishes than Productions.
    These things like producing and vanishing things. All you need to do is practice misdirection, pocketing, or sleeving. Once you got these things down. Youre quickly on your way to do your desired effect. You can open take a deck and put it in your pocket if your misdirection is good enough. And just as a point, its not hard at all. make them look at a card which has change and there you go.
    If you do want to go further then you can look for overall gimmicks which can do the job for you. For example... A gecko can vanish a deck in a box. A topit can vanish anything. A Splash Bottle Gimmick and produce a deck. You can change bottle from silks to jumbo deck from silks. An Eggbag can do both vanishes and appearances. Use your imagination. Just explore what you want then explore what you can have.

    PS. I might have repeated what others have said, but I just wanted to type an overall choices sorta thing.
  10. Wow, the last thread should give you more info than needed but I would like to point out the four ace trick on D+M's dangerous contains a pretty nice deck vanish with what I would call "built in" misdirection
  11. touche
    forgot about it
    i dont really like the routine.
    Although it is solid, its not really my style.
    I like Stone's routine more. Ending with a four of a kind as well.
  12. Paul Harris' Dehydrated Deck is an awesome production that I don't see many people doing. In effect, you open up your wallet and produce a disassembled/folded card case. You unfold the little packet and reconstruct the case-- only to produce a genuine deck of cards from inside it.

    David Harkey's Flash Pack produces a deck of cards from the flame of a lighter. It's one of the most startling, visual productions that can be performed anywhere. It's a great way to open an act in a loud atmosphere where you have to depend on strong visuals.

    In my opinion, Michael Ammar's work with the Topit will produce the most organic looking deck vanish you can ask for. You spring the cards from hand to hand after doing your act and throw them into the air. Instead of making a mess, all of a sudden-- the cards just aren't there anymore. Your sleeves are up and the cards are just gone. It's really gorgeous.

    For a more creative 'vanish,' check out David Regal's Disposable Deck. After performing your set, you effortlessly crumple the full deck of cards into a tiny paper ball and throw it away. This genuinely looks crazy and people's response to it are always entertaining. An alternative to this vanish would be visually shoving the entire deck in your mouth and eating all the cards and spitting out the jokers in a form of a tiny paper ball. This is one of Regal's most underrated effects.

    Hope these suggestions help.
  13. Panic all the wayy it doesn't only cleanly dissapear the deck but it has a build in transpo tooo you have two effects basically... it does contain gimmicks but not a big deal..... it pretty hard to get caught using it unless you really and I mean really have a crowd problem ....surrounding 360.. your angles become really risky.... but hey a great trick.
  14. panic - aaron fisher - found here, dehydrated deck - paul harris - art of astonishment, topits - i love them!! these are the ones that i use
  15. has anyone suggested Michael Paul's Fed exed?

    i tried it out today, didnt really get a lot of reactions. But it looks amazing, maybe my specs werent paying attention. not sure. haha!

    but yeah, Fed Exed is a good vanish, it requires a gimmick, but u can EASILY get rid of it.

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