Deck Review: Bicycle Elite Edition from Penguin Magic

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  1. video review:

    giving away a deck of Elite cards here:

    Bicycle Elite Edition delivers the Rider Back design you know and love in a way you've never felt before. Experience a super-premium feel thanks to ultra-thin luxury stock with elite embossed finish.

    These cards are flexible, snappy, and durable. They offer a soft yet supple handling with smooth edges and a traditional cut. The thin stock is reminiscent of the popular cards of decades past and is resistant to developing the dreaded warp or "click" that happens from high humidity. These are cards that feel broken in right out of the box! Bicycle Elite Edition decks are an absolute dream to handle whether you are a magician, gambler, or cardist. The cards are packaged in the iconic classic tuck box.

    Bicycle Elite decks are not only the best-feeling deck of Bikes you've ever owned, but also come complete with two identical Jokers, the iconic Bicycle Ace of Spades, and two incredibly useful and versatile gaff cards.

    Available individually or by the brick. Priced for the working professional. Get them, use them.

    Classic Rider Back Design & Tuck Box

    Super-Premium Feel & Handling

    Long-Lasting & Flexible Thin-Crush Stock

    Duplicate Jokers & Classic Ace of Spades

    Traditionally Cut

    Double Backer & Blank Facer Gaffs Included

    Buy yours here:
  2. Bicycle Elite decks are equal or better than the bicycle 808?

    Compared to Tally Ho, is it equal/better too?
  3. I want to answer your question, but you have to admit that the word "better" is subjective. The only person who can answer that question is you. People ask if cards are "better" than others, or how they "handle" and the truth is ...

    It's all paper, inside a paper box.

    The better question is - what do you "prefer" - because how I define "better" depends on my preferences. Do you prefer thinner stock? Then you might like this deck "better" than a 808 rider back.

    Do you prefer a traditional cut over a standard cut? Personally, I don't. But this is because I execute in the hand faros when I shuffle and traditional cut cards are better for table faros and gambling routines.

    Do you prefer decks that come with gaffs? Then you might think this deck is better.

    The biggest feature is... The Elite deck is "thinner" than a standard deck and thinner than Tally Ho's.

    Standard 808s and Tally Ho's are the same thickness roughly, the ONLY difference between the 2 is quality control. Tally's are manufactured with more strict Q1 controls - which is why they feel nicer. But the paper, ink, compression and cut are all the same as a deck of rider backs. (I show you the two side by side in the video and the proof is in the caliper measurement)

    Plus if you want a better quality 808 deck - there are also other options, one of them right here at Theory 11 which would be to get the Bicycle Titanium Edition.

    The more decks you buy, especially decks with different features from different printers, the more familiar you will be with what is printed and you'll be able to answer the "better" question for yourself.

    Have fun !!!
  4. Thanks for your reply, I learn something in it.

    Actually I am looking better decks to do card flourish or manipulation. I love Tally Ho's as I feel better when I do fanning or cuts. Moreover, I need classic back design box for my gimmicks such as "Tool", "Zenneth" and Box Spring trick. So I wanna know is the Elite edition quality is equal or better than the others in your opinion.

    Anyway, if it is thinner, it would be better to do card flourish or manipulation (IMO). I would order this through penguinmagic.

    Thanks for your detailed reply.
  5. Bicycle makes ALL of their decks with the same paper, with the same inks and more or less with the same cut - so the quality only varies by a fraction of a percent from 1 deck to the next.

    Side by side in a lab, they are all equal.

    Only the buyer can determine if one is "better" over the other. Experienced card handlers have trained themselves to feel that difference, but the reality is a lot of it is in your head from years of listening to clever marketing.

    Watch Chris Ramsay compare a standard Bike deck against a Virts deck in a blindfold test

    What does Chris say when he's blindfolded about standard bikes? "Smooth, thin, feels great" and he's convinced of it he says "1,000%" He says they "fare well, feel great" He says he can feel the quality "right away."

    Now, in my opinion, Chris is a more experienced card handler and flourisher and magician that most of us - and blindfolded he proved that even the standard off the shelf Bikes are on par with the deluxe custom decks.

    Which again proves, side by side - they are all equal.

    People pay to have decks that are popular, and they pay more because the graphic design houses have endorsements from "cool magicians." So spend your money wherever and however. But the argument that a deck is "better" over another deck (especially when comparing a USPCC deck with another USPCC deck) is very hard to prove.

    Like I said above, "better" just means YOU like it more.

    And you should always buy the decks that YOU like, don't allow someone else to tell you how to spend your money.
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  6. Very nice and thorough deck review. Well done. I plan to grab a deck or two eventually and try them out.
    Thanks. :)
  7. Great review!!
    Just got my deck in today and this deck is definitely thinner and will take a little adjustment to get used to. The standard grip even has to be adjusted holding these.
    It's as they say in the Penguin Magic promotional videos. The cards feel like they are broken in already.
  8. If anyone wants an idea of just how much thinner these are, take about 8-9 cards off a regular Bicycle deck and you'll have a good approximation, that will give you an idea of the weight. Then you'll have to adjust to the very thin feel of the cards from the remaining pack. The edges are still similar to the rough feeling you get with a Bicycle pack. Maybe someone in the know can explain to me why the Theory11 decks feel so smooth around the edges but the Bicycles do not?

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