Deck Review - Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards

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  1. These decks were sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review

    Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards - YELLOW - STEEL - BLACK

    To celebrate Jerry's Nugget's 50th anniversary, Jerry's Nuggets are now available in three new colors

    Ready for the high roller tables, an incredible performance, or a night out with friends, Vintage Feel Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are destined to be an ongoing favorite.

    The classic Jerry Nugget design pops against these new colorways

    Like any custom designed product, these cards will fit perfectly in your hands.

    The LIMITED Vintage Feel paper, the traditional cut, and the exclusive JN FINISH will make you swear it is one of the original decks.

    The world's most iconic deck of cards ever to be created.

    Now Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards!
  2. These are with the JN Finish printed by EPCC in China, and decks with that finish are known for clumping much more quickly than a USPCC deck. They tend to fan and spread nicely out of the box, but it doesn't usually last.

    What can you tell us about these? People also reported this issue with the Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget decks in blue and red, and since these are with the same JN finish, I guess it's the same deal here?
  3. When he says "fans" the video shows two fans flipping. I feel subliminally manipulated. ;p

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