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  1. Looking for an effective deck switch to do mid trick. I've already got the flash deck switch by shin Lin, and am pretty good at finding reasons to take the deck out of the spectators view. However, the flash deck only works once, and the alternate isn't effective in a street performance setting. Any tips, I don't mind making purchases, but I would prefer soh over a gimmick.
  2. I know this has already been posted on, but all of the answers involved either behind the back or "pm me"
  3. Check out "The Art of Switching Decks" by Roberto Giobbi. Lots of great stuff from one of the masters.
  4. Thanks, that looks amazing and I'm not sure how I haven't come across it before. I just checked out some reviews and ordered it off amazon
  5. Sending my invoice for the consultation fee. You may also want to check out Greg Wilson's Cold Case. It's made of metal, and adaptable to any card case.

    Daniel Madison also has a manuscript, but I haven't seen it.
  6. I really agree. Cold Case is great, but Giobbi's Art of Switching Decks has some great material. I did not really like Shin Lim's Flash Deck Switch.
  7. A close friend of mine has the cold case, and personally I enjoy using flash deck better, my only issue with that is is difficult to work more than once, occasionally twice in a performance. Nobody is constantly taking a card box in and out of their pocket.
  8. Cold Case and The Cooler are the two deck switches I use.
  9. Roberto Giobbi's book is the best source for sleight of hand. Lots more sources here:

    You may also consider picking up Tamariz's Five Points in Magic. For a short book it has tremendous value. The Double Crossing the Gaze method is worth the price of the book.

    Christan Engblom fooled a group of us (sitting a couple of feet away) badly at a lecdture using the Cooler to switch in a Cheek to Cheek deck.
  10. Great thread, stellar replies, no flames.

    Loving it.
  11. Plenty of non gimmicked switches out there! If you are looking for a gimmicked switch id suggest either "The Cooler" or "Cold Case." If you don't want to place any props or gimmicks on the table (or don't work with a table top or surface) I would suggest the "Switcheroo Deck Hold-out" by Michael O'Brien. You can switch one deck for another in about a second and you don't need a table or surface to place anything on.

    Otherwise i would suggest tommy wonder's deck switch where he places both cards and case in his pockets only to remove them again later to perform the switch.
  12. You don't need a deck switch unless you are doing table work. A deck switch is useless in anything but that. One of the greatest switches is having something in your back pocket and bringing it out while your hand with Gimmick X if you will goes south. No one notices the hand switch. Any other deck switch away from table work is necessary and a waste of time and money in my opinion.
  13. Honestly, with all-do respect, I have to disagree with Grant. There are some stand up routines that need a good deck switch (see: below).

    Shawn Farquhar teaches his go-to deck switch in his Penguin Live Lecture ( that he utilizes for his trick that he performed for Penn and Teller here:

    FYI, Giobbi's book also comes with a dvd... making it thee number one resource in my opinion.

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