Deck Switch?


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Whats a good deck switch?

Either a full deck switch, or a card box swtich (with cards inside)...


It probably doesn't make much of a difference. It probably depends on the effect you are doing. If you are just transitioning from one effect to another and you have your set up ready in a different deck, just simply put your deck in you pocket (don't make anything out of it), talk a bit, then offer to show another trick. Pull out your new deck now. People won't question you. If they do notice you put your deck in a different pocket, they will just think to themselves "Oh, my mistake." They won't want to question you and end up looking like an idiot. :) Misdirection is great ;) However... I've never done any effects yet that require a deck switch, but I would assume it makes no difference. In the box may be easier though as all your cards are squared. If cards are lose in your pocket, some may have fallen on their sides and you'll have to square them up if you need your switch to be quick.

Hope that helps. (Don't you just love walls of text? I'm good at making those. (Sorry lol))

Oct 6, 2007
Im not asking which one is better.

Lets say I want to switch the whole card box for an effect. I want to do this visually, i.e. no hands in pockets.

Any suggestions?


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Sep 1, 2007
Color changes on the top card would work. Granted, it's not very clean, but it would be visual. I'd think...
Feb 21, 2008
I know two deck switches using a topit. You can check them out from Expert topiting made easy DVD by Carl Cloutier and Topit DVD by Michael Ammar.


Aug 31, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
It really depends, if I am going to do a deck switch with the box on, I am going to switch the deck, place it on the table and maybe go into a coin routine. If I am going froma reguilar deck to and ivisible deck, then I will probably do just the deck, no box.

It really depends on the situation, and just some helpful hints, don't make the deck switch obvious. As well, go slow, you don't need to be fast with a deck switch, as long as you have some misdirection, you should be fine.
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
a switch without pockets?
what are the other criteria? must you be standing, or can you be seated? what do you wear to perform? are you against the use of gimmicks?

there are plenty of suitable candidates, but i need to know more about the context of the effect you are using the switch in. a no pockets, stand up deck switch can be found on one of chris korns dvd's. it's called the brutal deck switch. let me know if this is any good to you, if not i'll sugegst something else, buddy.

May 10, 2008
I usually do the switch when I'm "looking" for my sharpie in my jacket pocket. Its very convincing you just need to act casual. If I need to switch a deck w/out a sharpie I'll misdirect their attention somehow (point out something on the specator or laugh and make a joke about what they said) halfway through drop my hands into my pocket and perform the switch. Make sure you don't misdirect for too long or else you've gone completely off topic.
Hope this helps
Sep 24, 2007
If you want to "switch" a deck visually, you can switch a red deck to a blue deck (by using a "pocket" method) with a red card just sitting on top. Then let time misdirection do the work and perhaps perform a trick that doesn't require explicitly showing the backs of the cards. Then you can "appear" to have switched a deck visually without going to the pockets.
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