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  1. For those of you who haven't read the post by Richard on the main page of Decknique, or the thread here, Decknique has merged with the newly founded Theory 11. Although I hold reservations that being placed in a back alley of this forum will garner the same level of community as Decknique had I'm sure Richard would not do this if he had any doubt that it would do anything less than further cardistry as an art form. This thread is basically to say hello to any other Decknique members and I hope that they, like myself, don't act too resistantly to this change and embrace it so that this section of the forum doesn't fall to stagnancy.

    To the future.
  2. Personally, I think it's great that the two are now combined - it makes things easier to keep track of and it will allow much more interesting mixes of magic and cardistry/flourishing.
    That doesn't mean I won't miss decknique though... :(
  3. I'll miss Decknique too. But like I said over there I think this will be a very exciting time and I hope you look forward to what there is to come too :smile:... I mean :)
  4. Richard, are you going to be spending a lot of time here? Or are you going to take some time off since you don't need to run Decknique anymore?
  5. Although i rarely posted on Decknique, i used it a lot, and id like to say its awesome that Theory11 and Decknique have teamed up :)
  6. I really hope this works out for the better.
  7. I've watched a few videos over at decknique, didn't use it much since I haven't recorded footage yet, but that'll come next summer, but this place is pretty awesome so far..
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    I see it as a progress, as long as it stays active there should be no reason it would be worse, but hej atleast i know now what the heck is with decknique showing up in one of the earlier video clues.

    Edit: I take it back now that i read DN will be gone :/
  9. I visit both Decknique and T11 so it's all good...
  10. Well I never ventured onto Decknique so it'll be cool chatting with all of you, can't wait to get accquainted =]


    wootzorz for 100 posts
  11. I'm definitely going to miss decknique, hopefully this place will at least have what decknique used to.
  12. heyy richard how can you upload an avatar? I think you are the only one with an avatar in the whole forum
  13. Go to [​IMG] (near the top of the page) and then Edit Avatar on the left.
  14. i've tried that as well Richard and the avatar feature doesnt seem to be working ... i believe the only ppl i have seen with one are the admins.
  15. Oh, I didn't notice that. I think they will be enabling it in the near future, after the website starts to get into a steady rhythm after the initial OMG THEORY11 LAUNCHED craze. I will be sure to remind them :) Thanks for bringing that up.
  16. no problem Rich ... im always happy to help :)
  17. Is dn still be there or move to here? both site are great place to browse. :D
  18. The goal is to get Theory 11 up and adequate enough for the cardistry community so that it will take what Decknique did and become more, not less. We got a great first step and I think as time goes on you'll see even more and more progress for the cardistry community here.
  19. Decknique will live on here it will just take some addaptin that is all, trust richard.

    Us lot from Dn will stand out alot in our vids because we have the impossibly cool flourishes AND magic in our vids. Dn is gonna take t11 by storm.



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