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    (this is my first review on the forums so go easy on me)

    I was excited from the trailer to buy this, and I am so glad I bought it!! This truly is the best vanishing/diminishing deck ever! I like this more than VDeck because you can visually see the deck compress. Although some applications require a deck switch of the normal deck for the Decoy deck, it's not a hard switch at all. I have tried deck switches before, didn't really like them, but Decoy makes them so much easier for me because while I'm putting the normal deck in my pocket I say I'm reaching in for a sharpie (make up some excuse), no heat is on the cards in my hand that's visible because to the spectator, it looks so much like a deck of cards.

    - Perform COMPLETELY surrounded
    -Extremely visual for the spectator
    -So many applications.
    1.You can have a spectator name a suit, and have the entire deck diminish down to the suit they named.
    2. An EXTREMELY visual version of Panic, YOU CAN SHOW THE THICKNESS of the deck before the 4 cards and deck switch places, and show the deck visually decrease in size until you're left with four aces.
    3. Have 4 spectators select a card, and have the deck diminish down to the selections.
    4. It CAN be performed in the spectators hands.
    5. Easy to end clean.
    6. Use any back design you want.
    7. It fits inside your normal deck.
    -There are more pros and applications, I just haven't thought of them yet. This thing really sparks creativity!

    -Slightly angle sensitive. No, not what you're thinking. You can definitely do this completely surrounded, you just don't want people to look at it from the side, otherwise they'll see that it's a gimmick. This is not a problem for my performances because people are standing in front of me. For the best image, you want to look at it from an above angle/point of view.Angle sensitivity shouldn't be a problem.
    -You don't end clean, but you can easily do a switch. I have been doing a switch and it works perfectly for me.
    -You only get 1 shot at making the gimmick with your favored back design, so be careful. I actually screwed up a little bit with my mine. Even though I messed up a bit, mine still looks really good!!! But still, be careful.
    -The gimmick is fragile. You shouldn't have a problem with this, but it takes a gentle/light touch. For some people, it may take some getting used to, but it's soo worth it in the end.
    For some help on the fragility and handling the gimmick, READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. Read the directions and watch the DVD first. I didn't read the instructions first, and I feel like I wouldn't have messed up as much if I had read them.

    I have performed this many, many, many times, and it still works perfectly.

    I have gotten amazing reactions from this and I HIGHLY recommend it.
  2. Thanks for the AWESOME review! Glad to know you are loving it. One note, just in case you missed it - Decoy CAN be done in your spectator's hands. On the DVD, if you go to 23:45, Zach shows you how. It takes a little bit of audience management skills, but this is one of the most powerful ways to present Decoy. If you do it this way, you can even suggest to your spectator that the deck is starting to get lighter and lighter, and this suggestion, combined with the insanely visual moment happening IN THEIR HANDS, will cause them to walk away swearing that they just saw and felt a miracle.


    // L
  3. Thanks Lyle, I went and watched that part of the DVD again. Yes, I missed it. Thanks for that!
  4. Actually, Zach is right with saying on the DVD, that you start giggling, once you see the gimmick "in action" for the first time, when using it for yourself for the first time.
    I was soooooooo into the whole look of it and the possibilities that come with it.
    However, I guess I won't be seeing myself perform this very often and there are two reasons for it:
    1. It is extremely fragile and you have to hold it with more gentle touch and softness, than a new-born (but with practice, still managable)
    2. after practicing for an hour straight, I wanted to show my gf the basic routine (layman). Without me even starting and saying ANYthing, first thing she says is:"Wow, no deck but..." (Don't want to spoiler, so I leave out the last word she aid) And she spotted the gimmick right at first view.

    Well, maybe I didn't pay too much attention to lighting, but definitely practiced enough to perform the basic routine.
    In my eyes, there is just extreme heat on your "deck" when performing!!!
    So I guess, if I ever use this, I'll use it in clubs only (when lighting is REALLY dimmed). But that's just my personal point of view!

    But besides that, the system itself is genius for sure!
  5. can I just quickly thank Jeremy hanrahan for making this gimmick I really like this .
  6. LOVE this effect. Ingenious gimmick. Looks like trick photography even when I do it myself!
  7. I was not involved in making these gimmicks at all. All the credit goes to Mr. O'Hare and his fine attention to detail.

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