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Decoy Disappointment

Shawn Allison

Elite Member
Jul 5, 2012

I've been performing Decoy a lot lately and I like it. But I don't agree with something from the trailer. In the trailer and on the product page it said that Decoy could be performed in the spectator's hands. YOU CANNOT DO IT IN THE SPECTATORS HANDS. Every time I put Decoy in their hands, they immediately tell me that it doesn't feel like a real deck and they get suspicious. It's toooo light to be a real deck! This disappointed me greatly. If you guys have thoughts on this I would like to hear them.


Tim H.(4)

Elite Member
Apr 26, 2013
Kansas City
I'd like to start out by noting that, while I have methods for combating this which I'm listing out below, I believe many spectators aren't familiar enough with cards to know what a deck should "feel" like. Given that, I view the steps I take below as a thoughtful precaution--not a necessity.

I've found it works wonders to have my my off-hand under, and in contact with, the spectator's hand. That, or I sometimes lightly hold their hand near the edge of the palm. It seems difficult for the spec to judge weight with my hand lightly pushing up on/holding theirs. As a side note: I tend to lessen my grip (if lightly holding on to their hand) or begin to remove upward pressure on their hand (if mine is pushing up on theirs from underneath) as the diminishing of the deck is in progress. My theory is that this frees them up to feel weight more, which is (of course) significantly lighter that they expect. While I have no quantitative data to prove this works as intended, statements of "I actually felt it get lighter!" and "It got lighter as the cards disappeared!" seem to lend credence.

Also, I don't let Decoy sit around in the spectator's hand. Once it's there, I'm moving towards the diminishing effect already. Allowing Decoy to sit unattended in a spectator's hand for any amount of time is begging for trouble.
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