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  1. Hi all,
    I have several questions about Decoy. 1. Can it diminish to one card? 2. Will refills be available I wanted another deck to do Decoy with without buying the DVD and Gimmick? 3. Does it ruin the deck? I mean can I use the deck after the gimmick has been formatted the deck? Can I use the deck for several tricks, then load it up for Decoy?
  2. First, Well you could diminish it into one card, but I wouldn't recommend it. Next, I don't know about getting refills you should probably ask the theory11 team about that here:
    It will ruin the deck (but only two cards). You can still use it. Not sure what your last question is.

    I know I might have made Decoy sound bad, but overall it is really great. Everybody I do it to is shocked and amazed. I think you should get it.
  3. Decoy is highly visual, and as always, that has a price. That doesn't make it bad at all, but it does have some limitations impromptu magic doesn't, of course.

    The gimmick is made from a couple of cards and the stuff supplied, so you won't need to "ruin" a whole deck, just some spare cards that will match the deck you want to use. You could diminish it to a card, but it is quite difficult to make it look clean, so I personally wouldn't recommend doing that unless you are VERY sure. As Dante said, you should contact support for information about refills, as happened with every other gimmick. Finally, you could bring the gimmick in and out during a routine or between a couple of tricks without having to switch the entire deck, but you will have to plan all that throughly before performing.

    Finally, I'd like to say that even if it has some limitations, Decoy is really worth purchasing... It looks like trick photography – in real life. How could you possibly beat that?
  4. Can you spread the deck before and after the diminish?
  5. oh ok thanks! that deck switch was amazing whoever did that.

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