Delivery issues and packing issues (theft related)

Jul 19, 2022
Tacoma, WA
Not sure where something like this would go but... Has anyone experienced issues with the way T11 packaging is being done? I had a deck stolen today Mar 23, 2023 and I noticed whoever did this either knew what was inside or had a system to get what was inside. The box did not appear damaged at all but on one side the tape had been cleanly sliced. If you turn the box upside down and shake it the deck being loose and not well secured in the box will fall to the top and present itself in a way where it can be pulled or slid out. The simple crumpled piece of cardboard paper will not prevent this from happening. Not sure if this happened in USPS hands or T11 hands but a more secure packaging solution would go a long way to deter this. Thoughts?


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Sep 13, 2008
It's a thing. When I worked for Ellusionist we reshipped packages semi-regularly because they got stolen. On the company's end, there's a balance between the cost of secure packaging and the cost of reshipping the occasional deck or whatever. Considering the markup on decks, it's almost certainly more cost effective for Theory11 to simply reship it - contact them.
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Dec 1, 2012
Yes, T11 buys insurance with every tracking number - tell your local post office that someone there STOLE your item.
The problem isn't T11 - it's with the person who was dishonest
Sadly we can't stop people from being criminals
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