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  1. After 6 months of refinement, I present to you my one card switch. It is a small utility move that I use a lot due to its practicality as well as simplicity. Not going to be published soon. Enjoy. Note: Angles are not perfect. You have about 150 degrees from the front.

    Song: Deltron 3030-3030 (instrumental)

    Edited: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects.

    Feel free to check out my other video. Thanks and Enjoy!

    Note: I am far more excited that you can imagine. This is really a great move.
  2. Very nice looking, however change boundries to boundaries. It looks good, and I watched it twice to make sure it wasn't like the Venus Trap and it looks so clean and so much effort put into it.
  3. People should be looking at the deck from a near birds eye view like this anyway so that sort of angle issue is not a problem at all. Good job. Alot better than the venus trap.
    Just a note.Dont try to always have a hundred percent angle free move to sell. Give the magicians some work to do.
  4. Beautiful, great job on that! It actually looks better than the venus trap.
  5. That totally fried me.

  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the support and I suck at spelling (sherlock). The method is not much of a method but more of a principle that can be used for controls, color changes, forces, etc. Thank you for the kind words.


    Oh yeah BTW, the method is in the details. If you watch very carefully, you will see how it is done due to a small flash.
  7. I think I have jsut lost my vision. AMAZING.
  8. dat is freakin wicked man. nice work and better than da Venus Trap ( no offence to cris brown)
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    It's either camera editing or double stick tape. I saw either a quick twitch in your hand when you snapped and the lighting changed, and I saw a glimpse of 2 cards in your hand when you were twirling the 9 of clubs...

    If it's not any of these, great job man.
  10. Hey Percept...... Magic

    I can swear to god that this is not camera editing and it can be performed live. Please take my word for it.
  11. The camera editing thing was just a funny joke to get rises out of people. haha. but i think it's DST, because I saw a hint of 2 cards while twirling the 9C twice...oh well.
  12. Hey man if that isnt editing then its freaking AMAMZING. if it is, then ur good at editing .lol
  13. Hey Perc...Magic (agiain)

    I can aslo tell you that there is no DST and I am not sure how you saw that but anyways. I can tell you with complete honesty that this can be dont live and Ungimmicked with minimal angles. Just plese trust me. Thanks tho.

  14. okay, you have to give me this method....haha. I think it was the blur of the camera focus that made me see the "2" cards...but I would love to know this method. I've been looking for a great 1 card switch, and Venus Trap is too angly for me. If you would send me the method it would be very thankful and grateful!
  15. Please check your Inbox Perce....Magic.

    Note: I did not give you the comlete method.
  16. I think I have it, just a matter of practice. And trust me, a video featuring Deltron will come soon...along with credits to you and the other person...:)
  17. Haha man, but please can you send me a private video of it befor you post it online.

  18. Yeah, no problem. It's going to be on youtube, and it seems like you only have vimeo as I see it. I think I have a vimeo too, I gotta check... But if you are interested in my Roundtable Pass, give me a PM
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    Nick look like you have skill and love to see you perform for living people...if not to much to ask for.

    Edit: Also where did you get the cards?
  20. Hey Nino,

    Thanks and I will try to ge some live performances on film. I got the cards from amazon. lol


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