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  1. I’m a rather tall and lanky guy at 6’9” and have proportional hands. I was trying to follow along with a routine that piqued my interest and noticed that with quarters and half dollars I’m about as a dexterous as toddler.

    Granted this could be the innate difficulty of coin magic, but getting some retentions felt almost goofy and difficult to transition from.

    Now onto my other thought, I assume I’m going to want to try and get some worn/soft silver at some point.
    Would I be best off just getting some worn Morgan dollars and practicing routines where they’re appropriate until I feel more dexterous and comfortable with clad smaller coins? Silver at least holds some of its spot value so it isn’t a huge sink.
  2. Use larger coins all the time, if you can. Easier for audiences to see, more amazing to vanish/change. Note: I'm not a coin guy myself, so speaking from an audience perspective here.
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  3. I would recommend going with the Morgan Silver Dollars. I use them all the time myself. They are beautiful, the right size for you, highly visible, and they are intriguing and a great conversation piece.
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  4. There is something nice about handling silver coins. Morgans are great. I like Walking Liberties and Kennedy halves.
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  5. I noticed a softer heft. Especially with say a sleeving vanish they whisper and follow smoothly. My Eisenhower practically sounded out what was happening. (Clad)

    Are matching dates an important thing to look for, and assuming I many would I want to gather?
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  6. Alternatively, you can use poker chips, which are around 40 mm in diameter (around the size of a silver dollar).

    Note: I'm not sure about what size of coins to use, I've always practiced with quarters because that's what I have. Take these guys' advice lol
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  7. Exactly. You probably want VF (Very Fine) or XF (Extra Fine) grading. The talk even less. The years don't really matter unless you are going to be calling attention to them. As long as the coins all look about the same (i.e. one isn't near mint condition and the other you can't see the engraving), nobody is going to know the years. To the extent you can and there isn't a price differential, I'd get the same year coins.

    I'd get a set of five coins. Absent a Miser's Dream routine, there isn't any effect I know that requires more than four coins. The fifth one is just in case...
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  8. Out of curiosity, wouldn’t Very Good/Fine and Extra Fine talk more due to the less worn details of lower quality? But they’re more visually attractive I suppose.

    I imagine any 38mm silver dollars (heck even culls) would be good for just getting a feel and practing. The Extra Fine would be for performance level practice and performance.

    I was thinking 5 too. Never know when you’ll drop one...
  9. That is the trade off. I like the visual component and they talk a lot less than AU / BU. For my performance environment, I'm less worried about talking and more worried about visual. If you go to a coin shop you can rub them together to see how they sound.
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  10. Fair enough! I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the worn patina of AG Morgans though I could see how higher grades would be visually pleasing. But that’s neither here nor there for now as I practice. Looks like I’m off to the local coin shop and getting some silver.

    I appreciate the guidance and advice greatly.

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