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  1. Can anyone provide feedback on this one ? I'm thinking of getting it, but again, like so many, it looks too good to be true in the trailer. There's gotta be a catch or something. I can't see where it'd be self-working as shown.
  2. It's a pretty slick gimmick, angle sensitive, but slick. I get good responses. In my opinion, it's worth the price. Hope it helps.

  3. I recently purchased Departure and just received it.
    I tried opening up the link provided (I made sure its the correct one)
    And it opens the login page for a split second then redirects to Page Not Found
    and takes me to the “What are you looking for”?
    Also, on the top right it says “Product Not Found”

    Anyone else facing this issue?
  4. Contact our support team so they can get this issue sorted out for you right away!
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  5. I did email them right then and got a response that the issue is being looked into.
    Waiting for the issue to be resolved now.
    Can't wait
  6. *phew*
    I stumbled on to the solution to this issue.
    I don't need to go on the link provided on the box to access the video.
    If I go to the 'Videos' section under my name, I can access the video without any login.
    SO GLAD.
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  7. Sorry for the confusion folks.
    The secret learn link provided with Departure is now working correctly.

    Most theory11 magic tricks come with instant access in the My Videos section of your theory11 account, and I'm glad you were able to locate that while we worked out the kinks on our end.
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  8. I just bought the gimmick. Very fast shipping and product received well.

    Initially after trying the trick I found two problems with it. First is the hook which is on the spooled thread. Hooking the ring on the hook while putting the ring on your pointer finger does not look like a natural movement. To do so you have to hold the hook between your middle finger and thumb and get it as close as possible to your index finger. The natural way to put a ring on your finger is to just extend that finger out away from the other fingers. Not bunching all your fingers together as you are doing well you are trying to hide the hook while trying to hook the ring on it and put the ring on your finger at the same time. Also to make it look as natural as possible while hooking the ring you have to extend the hook as far as possible towards the tip of your finger but doing this exposes the hook and makes it extremely angle sensitive.

    If anyone out there has a different or better way to do this please help us out.

    The second problem that comes up is the sound. When you release the hook with the ring on it makes a definite and clear clinking sound as the ring bounces around the hook when the cord is retracted back into the spool.
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  9. In looking at and reading reviews here and elsewhere about the various tricks available, it's clear to me that the only one having fun with them are the ones selling the they go to the bank. See my review of "Cookie Bite Plus"....another dud.
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  10. How to hold - Do it just like Patrick shows in the video. While it is not perfectly natural, your spectator's won't notice. In truth this does not look much different then simply extending one finger from your fist. Your other fingers are a little further forward than is normal, but that is not where the heat is. All eyes are on the ring or your first finger and that is where they stay unless you call attention to the other fingers. Also, hold your hand low to get better angle coverage. This is not ideal for standing while performing at a table. Hold your hand low, and if needed angle your fingers downward. Use a mirror to see what sort of angles you can get away with. If you need more coverage of the gimmick, you can hold it deeper in your fingers and slide your fingers closer to your extended index finger. You can cover well more than half of the exposed gimmick with your thumb and middle finger if you need the coverage, or if you don't you can leave nearly the entire gimmick exposed from the sides and keep your other fingers way back. You have a lot of flexibility in how you hold this so that you can adapt to different situations.

    The Sound - Heavier rings are quieter, while lighter rings tend to clank around a bit. If you are in a really quiet environment you can plan accordingly. Beyond that, don't let a little sound spoil the trick for you. Simply allow the noise to happen during an "off" beat. Either be talking when you let it happen, or ask a question and let the spectators be in the middle of answering when you let it happen. If you give your spectators a reason to be thinking, you are shifting their focus from what is happening in the trick to something else, and you can get away with just about anything. A good example. You don't need to cover up a moonwalking bear here, you simply need to cover up a tiny little clink.

    Patrick puts the ring on his finger to display, and then he reaches over to remove it. This is a perfect time to ask a question. "What would you do if I lost your ring?" or something of the sort. By the time the spectator answers the move can be done. They will expect the ring to be in your hand (and will be worried that you are going to make it vanish!), and you will have just covered up the dirty work, and they will have no chance to hear anything. If you are in a loud environment, you won't even need to do that.

    This trick, like most magic, is all about managing your spectators. Manage the angles they can see your perform from. Manage their attention. Manage their assumptions. Departure is actually not a very good YouTube trick, but it is excellent on the street for real people that you can interact with.

    I hope this helps. Have a great week!

    // L
  11. I wouldn't say that. Look at the reviews on the product page - A quick summary:

    "There are not enough O's in the word smooth to describe the working of this fantastic illusion."

    "Best ring flight ever!"

    "Departure is part of my EDC... Perfect for those spontaneous, unprompted "Show me something" moments."

    Perfect? No. As magicians we use tools to do things that shouldn't be possible. The tools that make up Departure were never created originally to make a ring vanish. That said, this is one of the most solid options we have seen for a ring flight. Chris Smith (who developed and originally sold this without theory11's help) created something really cool here.

    We don't usually carry tricks that we didn't help develop ourselves. Departure is one of a few exceptions, and we carry it because it is a time tested trick that has already proven to be a powerful tool. If you are looking for a ring flight, check it out. If you don't like it after you receive it, let our support team know and they can help you send it back for a refund.

    // L
  12. Thanks for that! Appreciate the follow up.
  13. To paraphrase Larry Jennings, "Every magic trick has a discrepancy". Something must give in order to do a trick, there's no real magic out there. Departure is a solid gimmick, it has proven itself long before Theory11 started to offer it.
  14. Theory11 offers refunds?
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  16. It is very easy to perform. My Coworker has given me the best reaction yet. She said " How the F did my wedding ring end up on your key ring in your pocket? I smell sorcery".
  17. Just got this. Wanted a ring flight for a while now. Though it's cheaper than the other 'talked about' ring flight, it's defiantly a quality product.

    Because I already perform other vanishes with a similar gimmick and perform 'bandwidth' by Greg Wilson, getting the handling down took a few mins. For someone with less experience, getting the angles down will take a few hours of practice in front of a mirror.

    As for the noise concern. If you follow the tips on the video, you won't have an issue. Also, I doubt that you will ever perform this in a quiet room. This is something you'll perform in a bar/pub or when you are out at an event.
  18. I carry my keys in my front pocket, so is it just as easy to perform the trick by having my keys, with the gimmick, in my front pocket?
  19. Look, the vanish may not work as well as you'll need to cover it more. I just move my keys to my back pocket when performing. Remember, the further the ring travels, the more impossible it seems. I think that spectators may think you just hooked it onto your keys if it's in your front pocket.

    Also, there is some noise, so I'd recommend back pocket.

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