Derren Brown ACAAN

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by vidstefan, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Here is Derren Brown performing amazing acaan or caan.

    Does anyone know if this effect is available? If not what is the closest thing?
  2. I seriously doubt this is a marketed effect. Derren is a very high profile professional, I doubt he'd risk performing anything one could simply buy from a magic shop.

    Plus, I think he has a bit more artistic integrity than that.

    Great trick though.

  3. This is probably the answer for how she picks the right number.

    Then he's only showing about 10 cards before the card selection which explains the rest.

    Derren's great with cards, the "Devil's Picture Book" DVD is recommended where he also shows some nice mentalism stuff.
  4. I do believe this is deffenitly an option Derren would use, and it also seems to me that the 4 of Hearts was forced which makes it easier for him, but he still would have to rely on the technique he used to get the number.

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