Derren Brown Controls The Nation - Did It Work On You?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I just saw derrens event were he controls the nation and was wondering if anyone who saw it here was stuck to their couch.

    I wasnt were you?
  2. re- darren brown.

    :) Well I never got stuck to the chair, and did manage to be able to stand up! but must say my legs were like jelly.:eek:
  3. I was stuck for about 10 seconds, could not move my legs or my hands from my legs, very weird sensation; after 10 seconds or so had passed I felt like I could slowly move, but like supermuncher, my legs were very jelly like.

    - Sean
  4. Is there a link to this video where I can watch it, to see if I get stuck to my chair?
  5. Worked on me! Could lean forward and everything, but as soon as i tried to stand, my legs just felt like they couldn't be bothered and i just couldn't stand!

    A VERY bizarre sensation indeed!

  6. Unfortunately Donald, Derren said that if it was posted on the internet it wouldn't work. Can't remember the exact reason, sorry. :(

    - Sean
  7. Oh dang, and I could not have watched it in the U.S, dang that sucks.
  8. He claimed it was because on the internet it would be too low resoloution/quality. I have a different idea, I'm 90% sure I know how he did it. But I won't say because I don't know if it would constitute as exposure.
  9. We know how he did it as he said it at the end and by the way the resolution reason is false i think , but the problem with watching it on the internet is that you have to find the entire hour long show not just the minute film as the secret goes through the entire show. If he just showed the minute film it would NEVER work.

    If anyone has any questions on what I said then just pm me.

  10. That's what I meant by different idea, most people will just go looking for the video on youtube or something, which will be useless. Like you said the secret runs throughout the show.
  11. So if I find the whole show will it work? If anyone has a link please post it. Thank you.
  12. If you find the whole show and watch the whole show then that's no different from watching as it was broadcast on tv. So yes essentially, but who knows if you'll get stuck or not, that depends on you.
  13. Probably not because you know that he was not telling the truth but using suggestion instead therefore it wont work.

  14. Check your Pm's.

  15. Im downloading it now, hopefully it works.

  16. You suck!!! :)

    You always download before me :)....

    Ah well, there is always next week :p

  17. Yer, it didnt work. I tried about 3 times. lol

  18. Doesn't really work like that. I knew it was suggestion. I also knew the film he showed had nothing to do with anything. It was more about what he said before the film, what you expect the film to do and what he said after. And despite me knowing this, it still worked on me. I just couldn't stand. My brother couldn't move at all!

    Great show I thought, even if the final effect hadn't worked.

  19. You watched the three hour show in 1 hour!?

    Wtf man!?

    I can confirm that i was stuck watching the show from my laptop. Absolutely bizarre!

  20. No I just watched the main event like 3 times.


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